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The CCIM Institute's Hawaii Chapter at a meeting in 2023.

Chapter CheckIn Winter 2023

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Bringing Success and Strength to the CCIM Institute

Although this CCIM chapter is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the CCIM Hawaii Chapter has been making excellent strides in growing its membership, delivering networking opportunities to the island, building new connections, and executing new education initiatives for the commercial real estate. 

Founded in 1975, the CCIM Hawaii Chapter is headquartered in Honolulu and consists of 263 commercial real estate professionals. The Majority of its members live on the island of Oahu, and the chapter is exploring ways to continue to grow and engage with its members across the state. 
Giving back to the community is a priority for the chapter. The chapter is proud to support the nonprofit organization, Surfrider Spirit Sessions, by donating $4,000 of the proceeds raised during its annual Golf Tournament. The chapter also donated $2,000 to Maui Strong through a local nonprofit organization, Hawaii Community Foundation.

Two of The CCIM Institute's Hawaii Chapter celebrating at the Annual Governance Meeting 2023.

The CCIM Institute would like to call special attention to the residents of Maui and our CCIM Hawaii Chapter members following the series of devastating wildfires that broke out across the state in early August. Although the wildfires have mostly stopped their spread, Hawaii’s residents are still feeling the harsh effects and aftermath with over 3,000 structures destroyed and lives lost.

Leil Koch, CCIM, lifetime CCIM Designee, and Maui resident who has been directly impacted by the wildfires, says the best way you can help the residents and their long-term recovery efforts is by coming back to the island and visiting with a fresh mindset and newfound respect.

“Although the island is looking at around 2-5 years to rebuild its tourism and infrastructure, there are areas across Lahaina (a census-designated place) that help serve as a beacon of hope. The banyan tree, a natural attraction that has stood for over 150 years and withstood the wildfires, is now sprouting new green leaves. The island’s migratory whales are still coming down from Alaska. The old courthouse, which pre-dates every attraction on the island and has stood for hundreds of years, still stands, and my own commercial property, built in 1916, is still standing and structurally sound.” – Leil Koch

About 80% of the island is still up and running, its restaurants are wide open, its natural attractions still stand, and its residents still need a way to pay their bills and make a living. Visit the island, remain sensitive instead of inquisitive, and experience the beauty that Maui has to offer to help the economy and its citizens. #MauiStrong 

Content contributors: 
Leil Koch, CCIM  
Tina Yap
Kynan Pang, CCIM 

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