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The CCIM Institute's Foundation's Named Education Scholarship Supports CCIM Designees, Fuels Critical Pipeline

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The CCIM Institute Foundation reached a significant milestone in late 2023, awarding its 1,000th Named Education Scholarship (NES) and surpassing the $1 million mark in payouts to supportcommercial real estate professionals pursuing their CCIM Designation. The NES program was launched in 2005.

The Foundation plays a pivotal role in creating these annual scholarships, which are typically $1,000, in partnership with local CCIM chapters. The scholarships help offset the cost of the Designation Curriculum for deserving professionals.

The chapters use these scholarships to recognize their members,” explains Kari Pantol, Executive Director of The CCIM Institute Foundation. “They are often named in memory or honor of someone who has made important contributions to commercial real estate in their area. The chapter contributes to the scholarship, and The CCIM Institute Foundation matches that initial donation. We then manage the funds and pay out the scholarship. It’s a very important partnership and makes a huge impact.

The CCIM Institute Foundation is at the epicenter of this scholarship program, notes Tim Blair, CCIM, CPM, a member of The CCIM Institute Foundation Board of Directors, a past President of The CCIM Institute, and owner of Blair Properties. “It’s the facilitator,” he says.

Cody McGuire, CCIM, is testimony to the significance of these scholarships. McGuire, the 2021-22 Southern Arizona CCIM Chapter President and a banker at CrossFirst Bank, received the James P. Robertson CCIM Scholarship three times.

The scholarship is named in honor of James P. Robertson Jr., MBA, CCIM, The CCIM Institute Foundation President for 2024, and a commercial and investment broker at Realty Executives Arizona Territory.

McGuire says the financial help was greatly appreciated. At the time he was taking the courses and pursuing his CCIM Designation, he had his hands full working full time and raising a young family with 6-year-old twin boys.

“I truly appreciate the support from James and our local chapter by providing these scholarships,” McGuire says. He says the scholarship was the “gift of help” to get him across the finish line. “Otherwise, it would have taken a lot longer,” McGuire notes.

McGuire pays it forward by serving on committees including leading education efforts at his chapter and serving on the national Candidate Guidance and Scholarship Designation committees. “Our chapter sees the success of these scholarships,” says McGuire. “We look at it as pure value to help give back.” The chapter currently has five Named Education Scholarships. Robertson is pleased that the scholarship helped jumpstart McGuire’s Designation process. He says when he first met McGuire years ago in the banking business, he knew he would be an ideal candidate for the CCIM Designation.

I like to be around people of good character,” Robertson says. “I'm very proud of Cody for what he has done for his family, his company, his CCIM chapter, and mostly for himself personally.

Robertson donated to create the Named Education Scholarships to help young professionals coming up behind him earn the Designation. “I saw a big, big struggle,” he says, noting that many millennials are financially strapped with student loans and other debt. It is important for The CCIM Institute Foundation and CCIM chapters, Robertson says, to continue to fund these scholarships to help reduce course costs and build a strong pipeline of future CCIM Designees. “For the Pin to continue to have value, you need people to come up behind you and keep going through the effort of taking the classes and getting involved in the chapters,” Robertson explains. “We need that constant flow of people to give that energy to the Designation. It’s up to all of us to continue to support The CCIM Institute Foundation as it moves through this flow of people. It's important to keep the floodgates open.”

Blair agrees. “This scholarship is so healthy from The CCIM Institute's perspective because it continues to ensure that we have a full pipeline of students,” he says. Class size is a leading indicator of what future membership numbers will look like.

“And from the student’s perspective, it’s a discounted class to help advance their career,” Blair adds. “It’s a no-brainer. The Designation can turbocharge your career.”

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