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Revitalizing Our Brand and Transforming the Future

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With the progression of remote and hybrid work, rising interest rates, and transformation of how people work, shop, live, and play, commercial real estate has seen its share of change over the past several years.

By David Schnitzer, CCIM | The CCIM Institute 2023 Global President | Partner | ASCEND Commercial Real Estate

The CCIM Institute has always been there, empowering our members to do business and make deals. In the face of dynamic market conditions, The CCIM Institute's mission remains focused and steadfast. We have a track record of meeting the market and the needs of our members. Whether it's webinars on the latest economic forecast, a micro course on current inflation trends, or tools to extrapolate an MSA's population over the next five years, The CCIM Institute is there. And we are constantly looking at how we can help our members enhance their business. Part of that is to make our brand more recognizable and more modern. Reaffirming our legacy and reestablishing our vision for the future and our members.

What is Our Brand Legacy? 

The CCIM Institute is the established leader in commercial real estate expertise, education, tech-centered resources, member-driven community, and deal-making. Our CCIM Designation and everything that is behind it, is based on over 56 years of refined knowledge, know-how and

innovation. Not only did we bring the time value of money and internal rate of return concepts to a nationally accepted standard, but we helped HP design the first financial calculator. Adaptation is in our DNA. Leadership in commercial real estate is our legacy.

What is THE CCIM INSTITUTE Brand Purpose?

Simply, our purpose is to elevate our members to the highest level of success in the commercial real estate profession through networking, education, and market intelligence. That is who we are and that is what we do.

How Does This Translate Into a Brand Our Members Can Use?

CCIM Designees are the epitome of competence, credibility, and commitment to their clients while maintaining access to a network of leaders in the industry, education, tools, and resources that continually elevate their expertise and advance all professionals working in commercial real estate.

Whether your needs involve dealmaking, connecting with community members, educational opportunities, or harnessing tech-centered resources, The CCIM Institute provides cutting-edge opportunities for the elite commercial real estate practitioner.

Moving Forward Together with The Pin

There are so many amazing opportunities and tools for our members to use. And I encourage you to explore them and take advantage of them all. But we don't rest on our laurels. Together with you, we want to continually bring the best tools, products, services, and events. And as time goes on, we promise to create even more exciting experiences for our members, team, and communities. The CCIM Institute's brand modernization is a commitment to being the best and most beneficial organization for you so that you can be the best for your clients.

Reimagine, Refresh, and Redefine: The CCIM Institute

We continue to script our narrative as we reimagine The CCIM Institute's brand. This year, you already know that we're embarking on a brand modernization journey to revitalize The CCIM Institute's image, enhancing its allure and propelling us into the future. This fresh, new-look approach positions The CCIM Institute to spearhead the upcoming generation of dynamic commercial real estate professionals, combining vigor, resilience, and the enduring essence of tradition.

Why? Revitalizing our brand means honoring our heritage while embracing modernity. It's about infusing our identity with renewed energy, purpose, and relevance to resonate with our evolving audience. Also, it reinforces our values, strengths, and aspirations in a contemporary and impactful manner.

The fresh logo embodies The CCIM Institute's role in propelling the collective commercial real estate profession forward, while the modernized Pin design signifies individuals who have earned the Designation.

Ultimately, revitalizing our brand means setting the stage for a brighter future. It's about increasing the attractiveness of The CCIM Institute. We're paving the way for growth, relevance, and sustainability, ensuring The CCIM Institute remains a trusted symbol for advancing the commercial real estate profession for years to come.

Our story unfolds, carrying the torch of our enduring legacy into the exciting journey ahead. We anticipate your partnership in embracing and modernizing your use of our refreshed brand.

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