Commercial Real Estate Insights Series

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CCIM Institute Commercial Real Estate Insights Series

Welcome to the Commercial Real Estate Insights series. Our goal is to provide CCIM Institute members and other commercial real estate professionals with thought-provoking analyses to promote a dialogue about the future of the industry. We encourage you to keep the conversation going by sharing these reports with your colleagues and clients.

Developed by CCIM Institute Chief Economist K.C. Conway, CCIM, MAI, CRE, the reports will cover:

  • national and international commercial real estate trends;
  • issues affecting commercial real estate professionals in secondary and tertiary markets; and
  • the evolving impact of technology.

With these reports, CCIM Institute continues its commitment to providing thought leadership at the highest level to the industry during a time of historic change.

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4Q22 Commercial Real Estate Insights Report

Catastrophic events — ranging from natural disasters like hurricanes and forest fires to human-caused disruptions like terrorist attacks or computer hacking — are problems that require extensive planning, communication, and cooperation. In this Commercial Real Estate Insights report, “Disaster Preparation, Response, and Recovery,” CCIM Institute Chief Economist K.C. Conway, CCIM, CRE, MAI, discusses how industry professionals can best prepare for unexpected disasters and what needs to happen in the wake of such events.

Read the 4Q22 Report

4Q21 Commercial Real Estate Insights Report

Given the impacts of COVID-19 and remote work, the commercial real estate industry must reimagine both the traditional steadfast — and now obsolete — predictors of demand for the office market and also future office needs. Entitled “Office CRE: The Rest of the Story is Still Being Written,” the 4Q21 report provides an in-depth look at the drivers of change in the office sector of commercial real estate, and the new benchmarks and best practices for predicting the growth in this area of CRE.

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2Q21 Commercial Real Estate Insights Report

Entitled "Last-Mile Logistics: Commercial Real Estate's Growth Engine," the 2Q21 report illustrates how logistics infrastructure is driving the where and why for site selection across property types, advancing job growth and the economy in the U.S. Given the national conversations being held about the country's flagging infrastructure, this report is a topical signpost and incredibly relevant, revealing both the shortcomings in the current infrastructure and the opportunities for the industry and the country as a whole.

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4Q19/1Q20 Commercial Real Estate Insights Report

Entitled "Vector Calibration: 2020 Capital Markets," the 4Q19/1Q20 report reconciles the plethora of data and conflicting views to provide the industry with a comprehensive resource for reallocating capital and realigning commercial real estate investment strategies in 2020. It also includes five pro tips for commercial real estate practitioners.

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3Q19 Commercial Real Estate Insights Report

Entitled "Retail e-Volution: Predictions for 2025," the 3Q19 report details five predictions for the future of retail that debunk several primary myths behind the plethora of retail bankruptcies and store closings that occurred in the past decade.

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1Q19 Commercial Real Estate Insights Report

Disruptive companies such as Amazon, WeWork, and Airbnb are changing the way we use, analyze, and value property. The industry is behind the curve in recognizing and developing the measures, analytical tools, and valuation models needed to underwrite and advise investors in response to the ever-evolving landscape. Today, new metrics and analytical tools are needed by lenders, investors, and property owners alike.

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4Q18 Commercial Real Estate Insights Report

The question of the next CRE finance disruption is not a matter of when, but how. Housing might be the first thing that comes to mind, but you'd be wrong. “Commercial Real Estate Finance Disruption: Déjà Vu or Something New?” takes a deep dive into what to expect in 2019 and beyond.

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3Q18 Commercial Real Estate Insights Report

“Adaptive Reuse: Turning Blight into Bright” represents the first step to redefine and quantify the adaptation of obsolete commercial properties for new uses as an institutional-grade product category. Highlighting projects from across the country, the 3Q18 report explores the opportunities and challenges of the new era of adaptive reuse.

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1Q18 Commercial Real Estate Insights Report

Entitled "Amazon HQ2: A Reset Button for Site Selection," the 1Q18 report examines how corporate relocations and expansions will occur over the next decade.

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