Designation Program: Time & Cost

How much time does it take?

The CCIM Designation program was designed to help you take your own pace earning the CCIM Designation. You can earn the Designation in as little as one year or base it on your own schedule and timeline.

Courses can be taken in a classroom, online with an instructor, online with no instructor, or with a combination of classroom and online. Online formats are offered to allow more flexible scheduling without having to travel to a classroom location.

Your membership type also determines the requirements you need to fulfill. The standard track is Institute candidate membership and is reflected in the cost breakdown below. The majority of CCIMs complete the program as an Institute candidate member.

If you already hold an industry designation or have a master's degree in real estate, you may be eligible for a Fast Track or University Fast Track membership. These tracks waive some of the program requirements. Learn more about membership types to see which makes sense for you.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the CCIM Designation program depends on whether you are a member and how long you take to complete the program. Institute candidate membership is $695 a year which provides you with members-only tuition discounts. Institute candidate membership also gives you access to many benefits that can help you work smarter.

Cost Breakdown: Earning the Designation in One Year as an Institute Candidate Member (U.S.)

Item Non-member Price* Member Price** Member Savings
Institute Membership $695 $695 $0
CI 101: Financial Analysis $1,735 $1,200 $535
CI 102: Market Analysis $1,735 $1,435 $300
Negotiations Training
Your choice of eligible CCIM course. Possible cost provided.
$475 $370 $105
CI 103: User Decision Analysis $1,735 $1,435 $300
CI 104: Investment Analysis $1,735 $1,435 $300
Ethics Course $49 $0 $49
Two Elective Credits
Elective credits are earned through courses and membership.
varies varies varies
Portfolio Submission Fee $175 $175 $0
Comprehensive Exam & Two-Day Review $1,185 $1,185 $0
  Total Non-member Cost Total Member Cost Total Member Savings
  $9,519 $7,930 $1,589

*Non-member prices show the cost of taking the coursework as a non-member then joining later to finish the program. You can complete most of the program as a non-member, but only members can submit a Portfolio of Qualifying Experience and sit for the Comprehensive Exam.

**Member prices show the cost of the program when you join as a member for your first course.

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