CCIMs connect to close a $1.9 million retail deal.

“We didn’t know each other prior to the transaction, but the shared designation gave me the confidence that I was working with an educated professional,” says William P. Clarkson, CCIM, of Realty Executives Commercial in Scottsdale, Ariz. After a difficult search for a property with space for woodworking, Susan C. McCall, CCIM, of Commercial Property Connect in Gilbert, Ariz., represented PELCOM LLC in the $1.9 million purchase of six retail buildings totaling 11,136-sf in Scottsdale from Clarkson’s client, Mandall Family Trust. McCall credits the transaction, in part, to concepts that both designees learned in the CCIM core courses. “Between the two of us, we prepared cash flow analyses that gave the buyer a certain comfort level about expenses and future tenants,” she explains.