CCIM Ward Course on Advanced Negotiations Helps Students Find Improved Solutions

Posted October 19th 2015

Changing regulations and great complexity require improved negotiations skills offered in new CCIM Institute Ward two-day workshop on Advanced Negotiations.

“Advanced Negotiations Workshop” allows participants to practice negotiating scenarios and find practical solutions and action plans to move forward during its two-day session. Additionally, it provides real world games and simulations for participants and is taught by a global expert negotiator John G. Shulman, who has honed his skills during United Nations' Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal. “Advanced Negotiations Workshop” is being held Nov. 9-10 in Toronto and Dec. 3-4 in New York City.

As the complexity of negotiations has risen with increased financial regulations since the Great Recession, more stakeholders must be satisfied during negotiations to close transactions successfully. Also, the bigger the deal, the more sophisticated negotiations that are demanded, which often require more capital to be raised from various sources with different levels of due diligence.

“The world of commercial real estate has become much more complex,” says CCIM Senior Instructor Patricia Lynn, CCIM, who worked with Shulman on the “Advanced Negotiations Workshop.” “We often deal with multiple parties to a transaction - lenders, corporations, and public entities, for example - each with unique but different interests. The CRE professional must be skilled at identifying all of these interests to arrive at the best solution. The CCIM negotiating model provides a tool that helps us to track these interests.”

During negotiations, transactions are vetted for market viability and cash flow assumptions are carefully scrutinized. Also, the yields are considered as they relate to investor and portfolio objectives. If the deal is a development in a major city, public opinion, and planning regulations add more layers of complexity, which sometimes extend the development timeframe by years, according to Lynn, president of Lynn & Associates in San Francisco and chair of the CCIM Curriculum Subcommittee.

“I found CCIM's Advanced Negotiations Workshop to be one of the best courses I have taken in 30 years in the real estate business,” says Jerry A. Jackson, CCIM, president of Jerry A. Jackson Real Estate Services, Beaufort, N.C. “I used some of the basic principles on my first day back to work after the class. I really feel that I was able to use the information learned to solidify my position, while better understanding and identifying the needs of all parties.”

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