Using Excel as Your Financial Calculator

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Learn how to fully harness the power of Microsoft Excel for your financial calculations in real estate analysis. Using Excel as Your Financial Calculator takes you step-by-step in utilizing the program as a powerful financial tool, replacing a financial calculator or a financial calculator app. You'll also learn the building blocks for any financial analysis and how to create customized analyses for any situation.

Using Excel as Your Financial Calculator covers the following four modules, each with optional assessment questions at the end to assess your knowledge gained.

  1. TVM Factors and Calculations: PV, FV, NPER, RATE, and PMT
  2. Loan Calculations: Loan Balance, Interest, Principal, APR, and Maximum Loan
  3. DCF Calculations: IRR, NPV, and Investment Value
  4. Practical Applications and Problems: Real-World Examples and Best Practices

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