Compelling Presentations for Commercial Real Estate

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Compelling Presentations for Commercial Real Estate will help you acquire the top-notch presentation and communication skills required to establish you as a vital and integral part of any real estate transaction. In this course, you will learn how to strengthen your connection with individuals and audiences in settings from listing presentations to lease negotiations to zoning boards to bank meetings, as well as board and sales meetings. The impact of your compelling presentation will be to decisively move the project forward. Whether you're an investor, operator, broker, manager, or corporate executive, these presentation skills will help you to better serve your customers and clients and increase everyone's profitability.

Through a series of role plays and exercises, you will learn to:

  • customize your message to address the specific needs and interests of your specific audience;
  • create a presentation outline to achieve your specific presentation objectives;
  • control your voice and body movements to focus audience attention on your verbal message;
  • deliver your message in a timely and compelling manner;
  • construct visual aids and handouts to complement your verbal presentation; and
  • close your presentation to ensure positive outcomes. 

Every practice presentation will be designed to be specifically relevant to your job function.

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