MIRR and Capital Accumulation

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An essential part of any solid financial analysis is mapping out the return on the potential investment. An essential tool to have at the ready is the ability to effectively calculate both capital accumulation and modified internal rate of return. While MIRR and capital accumulation are very similar, they are not exactly the same. Capital accumulation illustrates how much capital will be amassed during the holding of an investment, expressed in terms of dollars. Modified internal rate of return similarly speaks to the wealth accumulation over an investment horizon, but expresses it as a percentage.

In this 90-minute, online instructor-led course, you'll learn the differences and similarities between MIRR and capital accumulation and how each contribute to a comprehensive real estate investment analysis. In addition, the course covers:

  • Limitations of IRR and the need for an alternate calculation in some instances
  • The similarities and differences between MIRR and capital accumulation
  • Calculations and proofs for MIRR and capital accumulation

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