Creating Reliable Valuations

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Coming out of the pandemic, precisely and reliably determining an asset's value is now tougher than ever. Benchmark data from the pandemic are no longer dependably predictive, so how can you provide accurate valuations that do not rely solely on historical data?

The key to understanding value now is the relationship between the asset type, its geography, and the current and future commercial real estate environment rather than general trends.  

In Creating Reliable Valuations, you'll gain an understanding of important valuation techniques that use real-time data and forward-looking analytics. You'll also examine assets in all major classes, from hospitality to industrial, with special attention on COVID-19's impact.

Learn what, if any, survey or benchmark data are still relevant to the valuation of an income-producing commercial real estate asset and what to use to fill the gap. You can then leverage this methodology to help you create defensible capitalization rates and discount rates.

The following will all be covered:

  1. The current investment marketplace considering COVID-19.
  2. Real estate cycles and risk.
  3. Using comparable sales and lease data to establish value.
  4. Building capitalization rates using band-of-investment methodology.
  5. Formulating discount rates using forward-looking economic data.

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