Creating Reliable Valuations

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Even in the best of times, reliably determining an asset's worth is a difficult task. Given the current commercial real estate landscape, historical benchmark data and classic valuation methodologies can only - at the very best - provide a hazy estimate. In today's market, the key to creating consistent and accurate valuations based on performance and yield is centered around the relationship among the asset type, its geography, and the current and likely future commercial real estate environment for that specific trade area.  

In Creating Reliable Valuations, you'll gain an understanding of important valuation techniques that use real-time data and forward-looking analytics. You will also view the financial impact of various types of performance risk using the CCIM discounted cash flow spreadsheet. This course will empower you to:

  • Analyze the investment marketplace based on predictive economic indicators.
  • Understand the relationship between real estate cycles and risk.
  • Build capitalization rates using band-of-investment methodology.
  • Formulate discount rates using forward-looking economic data.
  • View the impact on yield due to various types of risk.

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