Portfolio of Qualifying Experience

The Portfolio of Qualifying Experience is a standardized means for candidates to verify the quality of their work as commercial-investment professionals and to document having achieved at least the minimum level of experiences required to qualify for the CCIM designation.

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Who can submit a portfolio?

The submission and approval of a portfolio is a requirement to earn the CCIM designation. Active (dues-paying) Institute candidate members are eligible to submit their portfolios any time after passing CI 101. University Fast Track members must complete their required core course (CI 102, CI 103, or CI 104) prior to submitting their portfolios.

Institute Fast Track members do not need to submit a portfolio because they hold another industry-related designation that demonstrates their commercial and investment real estate experience.

How do I submit my portfolio?

Portfolios are submitted online at portfolio.ccim.com. You will need to be a dues-paying member and have a CCIM.com login to access this. You do not need to submit all of your documents in one sitting, so you can upload your documents as they become available. Once all of your documents are uploaded, you can submit your portfolio so it can be reviewed.

When do I submit my portfolio?

Portfolios are reviewed twice a year, usually about two months before each U.S. Comprehensive Exam. In addition to completing the designation curriculum, you must have an approved portfolio before sitting for the Comprehensive Exam. Check the Designation Calendar to see upcoming submission deadlines.

I'm ready to start working on my portfolio. Where do I start?

You'll first want to determine what type of portfolio you'll be submitting based on your experience:

  • Traditional Portfolio | Requires at  least two (2) years but fewer than five (5) years of full-time commercial real estate experience
  • Streamlined Portfolio | Requires at least five (5) consecutive years of full-time commercial real estate experience
  • Streamlined Non-Transactional | Requires at least five (5) consecutive years of full-time commercial real estate experience in a high-level role that has a substantial contribution to commercial property which does not include brokering actual transactions.

Once you've determined the portfolio you're submitting, go to  portfolio.ccim.com to download the appropriate forms and start uploading your documents.

To see if your roles and activities qualify for the portfolio, please review the Portfolio Handbook.

If you have any questions along the way, contact our Designation Dept. at designation@ccim.com or (312) 321-4517.