D'Etta Casto-DeLeon, CCIM


2023 CCIM Institute President-Elect, D'Etta Casto-DeLeon, CCIM, is a senior portfolio manager at CBRE Loan Services in Houston. Previously, she served on the Houston/Gulf Coast CCIM Chapter board of directors, including as its 2012 president, and as Region 4 vice president. At the institute level, Casto-DeLeon was a member of the board of directors from 2015-2020 and a 2018 presidential liaison. She also served on multiple committees - including Executive, Finance, Members Services, Strategic Planning, and Marketing - and subcommittees - including Chapter Activities, Regional Activities, and Networking. She has more than 23 years of commercial real estate loan servicing and mortgage banking experience, including managing various investment portfolios and asset management responsibilities, primarily for life insurance companies. Casto-DeLeon earned her CCIM Designation in 2007.