CCIM Leaders Focus on Education, Designation, and Growing Globally

Posted on Nov 7, 2016

Enhancing education programs, increasing CCIM designation promotion, and growing globally dominated the agendas of the CCIM Institute Board of Directors and governing committees during the organization's Annual Governance Meetings, Oct. 24-28, at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Atlanta.

“Our goal is to continue to reach a wider global audience and gain greater public recognition,” says 2016 CCIM President Steven M. Moreira, CCIM. “As evolving technology platforms shrink the globe and clients seek CCIMs because of their expertise in commercial real estate decisions, enhancing the rigor of CCIM education and preserving the integrity of the CCIM designation becomes crucial.”

In addition, CCIM Institute honored the newest 201 CCIM designees during a pinning ceremony and cocktail reception on Oct. 26. These designees passed the comprehensive exam held during the meetings, the last step in earning the CCIM designation.

“Earning the CCIM designation gives me the tools and knowledge necessary to differentiate myself from other commercial real estate professionals,” says Francisco Jaramillo, CCIM, director of client services and sales at Xceligent in Miami. “Top players in the market, both clients and practitioners, know and respect the designation.”

Current Initiatives

CCIM Institute leaders moved forward on several initiatives at the Annual Governance Meetings:

  • enhance professional development curriculum to further establish CCIM Institute as the premier commercial real estate education provider;
  • ensure the CCIM designation is the global standard for professional achievement in commercial real estate;
  • provide commercial real estate professionals with innovative business resources;
  • facilitate global commercial real estate education and business opportunities for our members.

“We will continue to strengthen our brand within the Institute for our education, networking, and technology,” says 2016 CCIM President-Elect David P. Wilson, CCIM. “These critical initiatives benefit not only CCIM Institute but also affect the entire commercial real estate industry.”

2017 National Election Results

Barbara M. Crane, CCIM, a commercial real estate broker and consultant in San Antonio, Texas, was elected 2017 CCIM Institute First Vice President. In 2017, she joins 2017 CCIM President Robin L. Webb, CCIM, and 2017 President-Elect David P. Wilson, CCIM, as the Institute's leadership team. Four new members were added to the CCIM Executive Committee: B.K. Allen, CCIM; Adrian Arriaga Sr., CCIM; Daryl Crotts, CCIM; and Joe Larkin, CCIM. 

CCIM Board of Directors added 15 new members for three-year terms: Michael Armanious, CCIM; Adrian Arriaga Sr., CCIM; Carmen Austin, CCIM; James E. Baker, CCIM; Tim Blair, CCIM; Gregory Harris, CCIM; John Lopez, CCIM; Charlie Mack, CCIM; Barbara Ann Monahan, CCIM; K. Teya Moore, CCIM; Randall Moore, CCIM; William H. Moss, CCIM; Lou Nimkoff, CCIM; Gary Ralston, CCIM; and Drew Showfety, CCIM. For the CCIM Technologies Board of Directors, three were elected to two-year terms: Stanley Gniazdowski, CCIM; Vikki Keyser, CCIM; and Pius Leung, CCIM.

Recognizing Sandy G. Shindleman, CCIM, and Bruce Harvey, CCIM

CCIM Institute honored Sandy G. Shindleman, CCIM, president and CEO of Shindico in Winnipeg, Canada, and Bruce Harvey, CCIM, of RE/MAX in Winnipeg, Canada, with the Susan J. Groeneveld, CCIM, Visionary Award during the organization's Annual Governance Meetings in Atlanta, Oct. 24-28. Multiple CCIM leaders lauded Shindleman and Harvey for their vision, dedication, and efforts to promote CCIM Institute globally.

The CCIM Institute's Board of Directors and national committees will convene again during the organization's Midyear Governance Meetings, April 1-5, at the Fairmont Hotel in Chicago. 

Samuel S. Moon | Media Relations Manager | (312) 321-8554