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Squeeze Play

“I received more CCIM e-mails from “Tax Squeeze” than any other article I’ve done. I’ve written a new course called “Confessions of a Commercial Real Estate Consultant” that helps brokers map a path to fee-based income from commissions. Read it at www.”
— Todd Clarke, CCIM, NM Apartment Advisors

Early Bird Warning

“What concept has been very successful in your home market and is getting ready to spread? What is the next Red Robin or Residence Inn? Brokers in other markets could be looking for concepts as they spread, send that information through MailBridge or e-mail, and we could make our clients aware of potential franchise opportunities ahead of the curve. It would make CCIMs more valuable to potential investors or clients with potential sites.”
— Daryl A. Crotts, CCIM, CPM, Crotts Commercial Real Estate

CI 101 Advice

“I was representing a buyer who could not get financed for a rehab property at a bank. As I learned in my CCIM class, I formed a five-person partnership that created a mortgage. Those investors made over a 12 percent return and two brokers made commissions.”
— R.J. Neary, CCIM, SIOR, Investors Realty

MailBridge Makes It Happen

“I use MailBridge to reach out to the CCIM community — a fabulous tool when your client doesn’t want to list property yet wants results!”
— Rob Murdocca, CCIM, Prescient Property Group


Deal Makers


CIRE magazine (September/October 2017): The biggest CCIM deals in retail, office, multifamily, financing, hospitality, industrial, and land.

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Business Aviation


Private aviation can help real estate professionals use time more efficiently while building relationships and close deals outside of their local markets.

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Covering More Bases


These two decades marked a time of growth for the Institute. Computers were introduced to courses in 1980, and the first female president took office in 1996.

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Student Housing


Student housing continues to provide bigger returns than multifamily properties for investors.

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