Full Tank 

Cultural changes are shifting the industry’s business models.

 When I launched the Massimo Group, the challenge was to help clients identify and implement the very best of best and next practices in the business. As a result, I studied what top producers do to succeed so dramatically. That research resulted in my first book, Brokers Who DOMINATE: 8 traits of top producers.

All of those eight traits remain important, but a few stood out from the rest, such as brokers who dominate are team oriented. Increasingly, top professionals choose to work in a team environment, but certain teams are so much more successful than others.

The Rainmaker 

On most days, you will find Yakhin Israel, CCIM, vice president and commercial real estate lender in Fifth Third Bank's Southeast region, calling upon fellow CCIMs in preparations for his travels to towns and cities all over the southeastern U.S. “Nowhere else except CCIM have I found so many people will

Deal Makers 

The Biggest Deal Brian Whitmer, CCIM, of Cushman & Wakefield in East Rutherford, N.J., and four partners negotiated the $82.3 million sale of a 263,000-sf office tower from Spear Street Capital to Cali Realty Corp.  Multifamily Big Deal Frank Rodriguez Melo , CCIM, of Melo Real Estate

Merger Maestro 

Joe Stettinius has spearheaded a series of high-profile mergers in the last few years, culminating in the 2015 marriage with DTZ and Cushman & Wakefield. He is helping to transform and reshape the commercial real estate industry.  “It has been a really exciting journey so far. Those b

Global Boom 

More CCIMs cultivate relationships with global clients to buy U.S. properties. Its a big world out there, and more CCIMs are finding an increasing amount of business working with investor clients from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

Changing of the Guard 

Family-run firms make the leap to institutional fundraising. In terms of large assets, the real estate investment landscape is dominated by a handful of firms. However, a great many more investment firms manage small funds or are run as a family legacy, encompassing multi-generational family members. Like

International Beat 

India's Big Deal Office space absorption in India's major cities rose at the blistering pace of 46 percent, or 10.2 msf, from April to June 2016. New Delhi and Bangalore accounted for almost 50 percent of the office space, according to CBRE. Despite a muted global economy, India continues to be a preferre

Market Trends 

Urban World to Change the Future What is old is new again as the world shifts its focus once more toward urban centers, according to the McKinsey Global Institute. Three demographic groups are set to generate 50 percent of all global urban consumption growth through 2030. Foremost is the retiring and

Mitigating Risks 

Sidestep the pitfalls of redeveloping brownfields for retail sites.

Retail development in urban areas with high concentrations of millennials, empty nesters, and other influential consumers often means dealing with challenges associated with the prior land uses. During the past 20 years, the federal government and states have begun to amend the 1980s-era environmental regulation discouraging the development of previously used, potentially polluted sites.

Regional Outlook 

Mid-Atlantic New York City's Big Deal An affiliate of the Hyatt Hotels has sold the Andaz Fifth Avenue New York Hotel in Midtown Manhattan to Takenaka Corp., a Japanese architecture, engineering, and construction company with capital estimated at 50 billion yen, for $215.2 million - one of the largest

Thriving Amid Change 

Crowdfunding and big data are the hot topics in the industry these days. However, making personal connections has always been the cornerstone for commercial real estate professionals. Join us at CCIM Thrive, October 24-25, at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Atlanta to learn how to integrate the best practices int

Industrial Roars Ahead 

 Efficient distribution networks mirror explosive growth in e-commerce.


Back to Basics 

Strong growth in the secondary markets is a hallmark of the new economy. The landscape for commercial loans and bank-owned real estate sales has dramatically changed during the last two years. The era of bank failures and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation takeovers is receding into the memories of the Gre

Taking Charge 

Owners can avoid pitfalls in tenant leasing. Landlords and property owners of commercial and industrial property often underestimate the importance of analyzing their property tax assessments for leased buildings. The rationale for skipping this review is simple. The property taxes are paid by tenants through

Servicing Startups 

Commercial real estate brokers can capitalize on a growing market by understanding its unique needs and challenges. Startups aren't exactly synonymous with big money for commercial real estate brokers. New businesses are often looking for small spaces and short-term deals. However, brokers would be wise to gi

Realigning Profits 

How brokers and their clients can profit by realigning the commission structure.

 Industrywide, commercial real estate brokers are compensated by commission, usually based on a percentage of the sales price or a percentage of the base rent for the initial term of the lease. Of course, variations on these models exist. For example, brokers sometimes receive per square foot compensation for the initial term of a lease.

However, many of these variations represent a distinction without a difference, with millions of brokered transactions essentially based on the same model. Although characterized as incentive-based compensation, how does the prevailing commission structure adequately align the interests of brokers with their clie

Mutually Beneficial 

When donors work with professionals, they can maximize their tax deductions. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, Americans donated an estimated $358 billion to charities in 2014, a 7.1 percent increase compared to 2013. That's great news for philanthropies.  Charitable donation planning