Market Trends 

At the Asia-Pacific Hotel conference this fall, one of the big players in the China market focused on the U.S. market, according to a report. “One of the more interesting strategies we have is in the U.S.,” said Kenneth Gaw, president and managing principal for Hong Kong-based Gaw Capital Partners, a

China’s Fall? 

Do homefront woes signal the end to U.S. investment? China's slowing economy, devalued currency, roller-coaster-like stock market, government focus on domestic growth, rumored delays in further financial liberalization - surely all this spells the end of the Chinese investment boom in U.S. real estate? Isn't

Legislative Outlook 2016 

With the election looming, will anything get done in Congress? While average working Americans will be required to report to their jobs 251 of the 366 days in 2016, our U.S. representatives scheduled themselves to be in session for 111 days. This is the fewest House workdays since 2006 when the gavel sounded

Regional Outlook 

West Seattle's Big Deal In a former sushi restaurant in Seattle's  University Village Shopping Center, Amazon opened its first-ever physical bookstore last November. At 5,500 sf and about 2,000 sf for storage, it is about the size of a traditional independent bookstore, but woefully smaller than the 4

FASB Changes Ahead 

New accounting rule will impact commercial real estate leases. A proposed accounting rules change could substantially alter the way thousands of U.S. businesses treat leased real estate, which could have a seismic impact throughout the U.S. market and beyond. The proposed change, which could take effect as

Urban Legends 

Big-city projects provide a template for real estate opportunities. Real estate is about people. Urban planner Daniel H. Burnham knew that when he said “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood.” In 1909, he crafted the Plan of Chicago, which, 106 years later, has resulted in Chicago's

Retail Revival 

Investor and tenants alike choose quality over quantity. Less than 10 years after the biggest boom and bust in the U.S. real estate market, retail asset sale prices are reaching pre-recession peaks and demand continues to increase from tenants and investors alike. In 2015, the retail market experienced dynami

2016 Vision 

This year CCIM Institute has specific plans to strengthen the promotion of the CCIM designation brand. As members, we know the CCIM designation equals best practice and demonstrates a mark of excellence in our profession. While we have many competitors, we have no peers. Our goal is to reach a wider a

Global Connector 

Now internationally connected and recognized, Elizabeth Belenchia, CCIM, SIOR, FRICS, started her own boutique commercial real estate firm in Spartanburg, S.C., nearly 40 years ago when no one else in the industry would hire her. Early on, she understood the value of engaging with international clients to es

International Beat 

Australia's Big Deal In what is being called the biggest direct real estate deal in Australia's history, China Investment Corp. purchased nine office towers in Melbourne, Sidney, and Brisbane, from Morgan Stanley for around $1.8 billion, making the sovereign wealth fund one of the largest office landlords

Technology Solutions 

The Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case by Anker provides 120 percent longer battery life for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. The case juices the smartphone for an extra 60 hours of audio, 17 hours of 3G talk time, 13 hours of video, and 12 hours of web browsing. The black matte exterior case contains raised edges

Disruption Ahead! 

Who will be the Uber of commercial real estate? Every new generation demands and creates new ways of living, working, and doing business. Millennials, who will comprise 70 percent of the workforce by 2030, want to break free of the cubicle, and prefer an open, flexible work culture that allows them to work an

Caveat Emptor 

Keep your head — those about you may be losing theirs. The stresses of the world still exist some eight years after the Great Recession. A continued global economic slowdown now includes China, new acts of terrorism abound, and the Federal Reserve is raising the federal funds rate just as other central banks

Tertiary Markets 

Investors explore various opportunities in search of higher ROI. Mirroring national trends, commercial real estate professionals in diverse local U.S. markets are experiencing strong interest, especially from out-of-state investors. Their biggest problem isn't demand, it's supply.  “The biggest challenge i


Many commercial real estate brokers have inquired about the use of employee stock ownership plans within their companies, particularly as they relate to succession planning. A major motivator for small business owners in establishing an ESOP is that it can be used to buy out an owner at the appropriate time.

Deal Makers 

The Biggest Deal David J. Stevens , CCIM, of Investment Properties Corp. in Naples, Fla., represented Hoffman Commercial Real Estate in the more than $74.3 million purchase of seven buildings including 73,523 sf of street-level retail space and 48,753 sf of office space in Naples from Naples Fifth Avenue

Changes Ahead 

Real estate cycles move in conjunction with many economic forces, including interest rate hikes. “During 2016, higher interest rates will signal changes in the commercial real estate cycle,” says 2016 CCIM Institute President Steven Moreira, CCIM, president and owner of SWM Capital Advisors in Longwood, Fla.