REITs Rev Up 

Amassing capital in a credit restricted market topped real estate investment trusts&rsquo 2009 priority list, with more than $14.4 billion raised in equity issuance and another $6.7 billion in debt, according to Fitch Ratings. For the majority of REITs, these

The Road to Recovery 

At this juncture, it is clear that some commercial real estate investors are farther down the road to recovery than others. Institutional investors are up against the same roadblocks affecting regional property investors, but the large institutions already have worked

Revenue Recovery 

With the commercial real estate industry still in an economic tailspin, now is the time for property owners to look at their existing portfolios and monetize any untapped opportunities. In addition, the new year presents the perfect opportunity for landlords

Social Media Savvy 

Linda Gerchick, CCIM, associate broker for Keller Williams Northeast Realty in Phoenix, was skeptical when her kids showed her how to set up a Facebook account. She knew that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter were becoming more popular

Regional Outlook(13) 

MARKETS TO WATCH Indianapolis &mdash The industrial market is holding up at this Midwest crossroads. Despite the more than 2 million sf of new space added in 3Q09, the vacancy rate increased only slightly to 7.4 percent, according to Colliers

International Beat(11) 

MARKETS TO WATCH Warsaw &mdash As Poland&rsquo s most affluent city and largest retail market, Warsaw has some of the lowest retail vacancy rates in Europe. The city&rsquo s large shopping centers average between 0 percent and 3 percent vacancy.

Lease Audit Checklist 

Answer yes or no to these statements to determine if you could benefit from a lease audit. If you answer no to any question, you should contact a skilled professional to arrange a lease audit. Billings 1. We bill based

Loan to Own 

Given the current credit market constraints, seller financing may be a way to bridge the financing gap facing buyers and sellers in today&rsquo s commercial real estate market. Seller financing is a transaction in which the seller makes a secured

Distressed Asset Dynamics 

Broker competition to service lenders&rsquo real estate owned assets is heating up as traditional leasing and sales activity cools amid the current market slump. Yet landing these coveted listing agreements is no easy task. Lenders faced with a growing portfolio

The Education Edge 

After many successful years negotiating leases from the landlord&rsquo s side of the table as a regional executive for national and international commercial real estate organizations, Debra Stracke Anderson, CCIM, SIOR, saw a niche opportunity hidden among the corporate giants&rsquo

Default Decisions 

In the current market environment, commercial property landlords are experiencing an increase in the number of tenants that are party to U.S. Bankruptcy Code Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 proceedings. Landlords should have a basic understanding of their rights when

Deal Makers(15) 

The BIGGEST Deal John E. Huguenard, CCIM, of Colliers Turley Martin Tucker in Indianapolis and Thomas M. Powers, CCIM, of Colliers Turley Martin Tucker in Cincinnati represented Novant Health in the $122 million sale leaseback of a 22 building medical

Bank Shot 

As commercial real estate loan defaults spike to the highest level in 20 years, a seismic shift in control of real estate assets is taking place &mdash from owners and borrowers to lenders and investors. Almost every active provider of

Buyers Guide(11) 

Rent Central More than 160 million paper rent checks are written &mdash though perhaps not always mailed &mdash every month. hopes to put a dent in this number by offering landlords and tenants a secure platform for paperless online

CCIM Connections(5) 

Welcome to CCIM Connections &mdash where CCIM Institute members tell their stories, give opinions, and offer suggestions for improving everyday business life. Tap into the experience and knowledge the CCIM membership contains. Send your own CCIM Connections contributions to

Exclusive Tools 

As a part of their CCIM Institute benefits, members have access to STDBonline, a powerful geographic information system. For more than 10 years, STDBonline has provided GIS analytic services to more than 15,000 users. STDBonline&rsquo s most popular uses are

Executing the REO Deal 

Distressed assets create tremendous opportunity for the savvy commercial real estate practitioner, but quickly capturing profit in this new arena requires a well defined path to success. Executing the sale of these assets is a multidisciplinary process involving brokerage, property

Market Trends(19) 

Institutional Prices on the Rise Transaction prices of commercial properties sold by large institutional investors rose by 4.4 percent in 3Q09, according to the MIT Transaction Based Index, bringing them to 36.5 percent below their mid 2007 peak, according to

Turn on the Power 

CCIM Members Are you ready for a brighter 2010? Then turn on the power of the new CCIM education. More than three years in the making, the new CCIM curriculum is designed to build your critical thinking skills, accelerate your