For REITs, Staples and Paper Clips Aren’t Just Office Supplies 

The latest evolution in real estate investment trusts (REITs) reads more like an office supply store inventory listing than a real estate equity security stapled and paper clip REITs. In a heated real estate market in which public money fuels

Seniors Get an Assist 

After the ups and downs of the early 1990s, the seniors housing market has settled on a winning concept to meet the diverse needs of the growing seniors population. After experimenting with independent living, continuing care, and congregate care retirement

Measuring Your Techno-Prowess 

In the constant battle to keep up to date with technology, real estate professionals often wonder how they and their companies rate against their peers. A new survey by Price Waterhouse for the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) answers many

Getting Up to Speed on Parking Lot Safety 

To what extent are commercial property owners responsible for safeguarding their customers and tenants from criminal conduct on their properties? In a recent flurry of cases, several state and federal courts have examined the issue and have leaned toward requiring

Going Once...Going Twice...Sold! 

Commercial real estate brokers and auctioneers long have considered themselves rivals for the same prize each group believes the other wants to steal potential clients from their grasp. The rivalry has abated in recent years, but it definitely has not

Spinning Deals on the Web 

Buy and sell property over the Internet? "Five years ago I scoffed at the possibility," says David Gilbert, CCIM, president of Pottstown, Pennsylvania based Penn Realty Advisors (PRA), Inc. Today, Gilbert regularly scans eight property listing services and in March,

Mini-Storage Grows Up 

In the past two decades, the U.S. self storage, or mini storage, market has grown from its Texas born infancy into a $5.5 billion industry. From fewer than 1,000 facilities nationwide in the mid 1970s to more than 25,000 today,

Pennsylvania Rings with Opportunity 

Pennsylvania, like many states, weathered the recession earlier this decade and has emerged poised for commercial real estate growth and activity. Along the way, some things have changed "Pittsburgh has undergone—like most large industrial...employment regions—a shift to service employment," says

10 Big Ideas for Small Spaces 

Small spaces are a conundrum for brokers, owners, and leasing agents. These 250 to 2,000 square foot properties, often found in strip centers, office parks, and storefronts, command less than remarkable rents. Sometimes they also attract less than creditworthy tenants—start

Life Companies Seek Survival in Commercial Finance 

The explosion in the issuance of real estate investment trusts (REITs) and commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) since the early 1990s has many people questioning the future of life insurance companies in the commercial real estate mortgage industry. With total