Shifting Paradigms 

Millennials and wage stagnation raising multifamily investments to new heights. Last year, 43 million American households rented their residences, according to Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. According to Harvard's Joint Center, this “decade-long surge in rental demand [was] unpreceden

Breaking Down Defeasance 

CMBS borrowers should understand the prepayment process. During the last cycle, commercial mortgage backed securities lending gained in popularity, culminating in a frantic pace of origination between 2005 and 2008. During that period, many borrowers went through loan defeasance. But for a fairly long stretc

Office Leasing Trends 

What key points attract nonprofit tenant interest? As traditional office tenants undergo a seismic shift in their space-using habits, office leasing professionals realize that less-well-known tenant groups, such as nonprofit organizations, are coming to the fore as office space users. Nonprofit organization

Beware of Loan Provisions 

The language in preprinted lending documents could cause you plenty of trouble. When buyers purchase a property with financing or are refinancing an existing loan, they often see loan documents that are either preprinted or generated by a document assembly program. In either case, making changes to preset te

Globe Trotter 

Ensuring the safety and security of U.S. embassies and ambassador residences globally are of prime concern to David Lauster, CCIM, CIPS, CRS, senior realty specialist for property acquisitions at the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations. “The laws in the U.S. generally do not ch

International Beat 

London's Big Deal London's office space market is about to get a whole lot bigger with 51 new developments starting construction in the six-month period from October 2015 to March this year. It's the highest level of construction in 20 years, according to Deloitte Real Estate's London Office Crane surv

Watch Your Language 

Avoid 5 common mistakes in contract environmental clauses. For decades, I've advised financial and strategic commercial real estate buyers and sellers in connection with the environmental aspects of their transactions. I review scores of acquisition agreements each year. Objectives of the parties are oftenti

Market Trends 

Coworking:  Not for Entrepreneurs Only?  Coworking is a trend that has received a lot of press in the past year, but does it have the legs to remake the office market? Several indications point to a growing consideration of the office-sharing option both by the entrepreneurial class and the corporate offi

Paying It Forward 

Those who contribute to the CCIM Foundation are giving to those who seek the CCIM designation. The CCIM Foundation provides the scholarships allowing many commercial real estate professionals to earn the CCIM designation. To accomplish the goal of raising funds for scholarships, the Foundation needs a sol

Standardizing Deals 

As most brokers can attest, the average commercial real estate deal is anything but average. Once a potential buyer is engaged, a deal might take several months to more than a year to formally close, and that's hardly accounting for a major setback or re-trade. It's a process that has yet to be meaningfull

Top Tech Tips from CCIM Pros 

Here’s what the best in commercial real estate use every day. Integrating technology into the day-to-day business of commercial real estate can be difficult, given the steep learning curve of some programs and the sweet familiarity of tried-and-true methods. But technology disruption is remaking the indu

Deal Makers 

The Biggest Deal Edward Hanley , CCIM, of Hanley Investment Group in Corona Del Mar, Calif., and a partner negotiated the $72.5 million sale of the 187,035-sf Stevenson Ranch Plaza shopping center in Santa Clarita, Calif., from a local investor to InvenTrust Properties Corp. Office Big Deal S

Gold Rush 

As self-storage has evolved into a highly profitable investment, multiple buyers hunt for the best properties. Begun as a niche of multifamily, self-storage has developed its own identity as a highly profitable investment. While many mom-and-pop businesses still operate in the self-storage arena, real estat

Young and Successful 

CCIM training and networking play crucial roles in building fledgling CCIM designees’ success. Young commercial real estate professionals always look for ways  to boost their credibility and practical knowledge to succeed in this competitive and primarily commission-based industry. For many, acquiring the CC

Perched on a Plateau 

Economists remain positive despite slower growth ahead. Commercial real estate investment sales faltered coming out of the gate in 2016. Investment sales dipped noticeably in the first quarter compared to the prior year. Yet a gentle tap on the brakes in what has been a stable recovery is not cause for alar