Lender Talk Tips 

Maximize your role in discussions with your financing partner. 6442451012 6442451013 It's a good time to be a commercial real estate broker. Sales volume for commercial real estate properties for the first half of 2015 was up 36 percent year over year, according to Real Capital Analytics. Vacancies c

Experienced & Young, Inc. 

Baby boomers and millennials join forces for improved client satisfaction. 29433 Can two generations bridge the gap of different styles, skills, and experience? While attention has focused on the millennials becoming the largest working cohort, overtaking baby boomers, this generational shift is gathering

Market Trends 

LITHC Effect Every year, the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit program budgets nearly $8 billion for state and local tax credits to encourage developers to renovate and build affordable housing, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Since 1987, more than 2.6 million housin

Tangible Property Regs 

Avoid demolishing your depreciable tax basis. 6442451015 6442451016 Having climbed back from the lows of the Great Recession, the commercial real estate market has rebounded in recent years; some would say there are signs that top-tier markets are overheating. In response, commercial real estate profess

Regional Outlook 

Midwest Pittsburgh's Big Deal Pittsburghers are mourning the closing of the downtown Macy's, housed in the iconic Kaufmann's department store building, a Pittsburgh landmark known for its signature clock. No worries, says Philadelphia-based Core Realty, which bought the property for $15 million,

STDB Tips 

6442451020 The best proponents for STDB are the CCIM members who use the mapping and demographics program regularly in their daily business. Commercial Investment Real Estate asked CCIMs to share favorite tips for working with this free member benefit. Alec Pacella, CCIM, NAI Daus, Cleveland, Ohio

CCIM’s Future Role 

Young commercial real estate professionals are still scarce in the industry compared to the baby boomers who started careers during the 1970s and 1980s. The average age of a commercial Realtor is 60, according to the National Association of Realtors' 2015 Commercial Member Profile. But that imbalance offers

Raising the Bar 

Clients across the commercial real estate industry recognize the value of using a CCIM. As clients consider selling or purchasing in primary, secondary, and tertiary markets, they call on CCIMs because they need advanced skills to make complex real estate decisions. As the year draws to an end, remember to r

Deal Makers 

The Biggest Deal Joshua Randolph , CCIM, of Colliers International in Birmingham, Ala., represented Pointe Properties LLC in the more than $39.3 million sale of the 74,750-sf Orthopedic Hospital in Hattiesburg, Miss., to an institutional investor. Randolph also represented Southern Development Resources

Master Collaborator 

29433 Straddling the worlds of commercial real estate and law is not always easy. However, Roman Petra, Esq., CCIM, CRE, takes it in stride. “As an attorney, I was trained to work alone. Business is the opposite. Through CCIM, I have learned to collaborate with other people in a more holistic approach

Multifamily Investment 

This bull market continues to charge ahead. 29319 By all accounts, the multifamily investment sales market has been on a bull run in recent years. The fact that the sector was the leader in the real estate recovery and continues to produce solid occupancies and rent growth has caught and held investor inte

International Beat 

U.K.'s Big Deal International investors schooled in alternative investments are signing up for U.K. student housing portfolios, with £4.1 billion in transactions and another £83 million under contract by mid-August, making 2015 the most active year for this investment product, according to Deloitte. Of th

CCIMs’ Big Fat Deals 

The office sector dominated this year’s largest member transactions. 29397 The year 2015 was a standout for CCIM members with 54 percent indicating a year-over-year uptick in transactions in CCIM Institute's 3Q 2015 Quarterly Market Trends Report. Almost one-third of the 267 deals reported to Commercial In

Gross-Up Provisions 

Tenants benefit from having fixed variable costs. 6442451018 In the cyclical world of real estate investment, property owners and their lenders have long sought ways to minimize their financial exposure as vacancy rates rise and fall. If left unaddressed, vacancy volatility undermines the ability of a land

Medical Office Miracle 

Big and small MOB investments are up adding to a record year. 30345 As the healthcare industry adjusts to a new mode of service delivery, the effects of the Affordable Care Act, and the growth of the 65-plus demographic - traditionally the largest users of healthcare services - the medical office building

Digital Assets 

29408 As technology has progressed, establishing digital accounts for individuals and their businesses has grown immensely. These digital assets are often archived and need to be taken into consideration for estate planning or business succession planning. Differentiating between digital accounts and d

1031 Exchanges 

Every investor can use this reinvestment tool. 6442451027 6442451028 Investment activity has been vigorous since the economic rebound, especially in highly stabilized markets, such as New York, South Florida, and San Francisco. A nearly 100-year-old Internal Revenue Code provision has seen a resurgence