Lots of Opportunity 

Many commercial real estate developers today realize the importance of functional parking structures. If a parking structure is inefficient due to poor design or inadequate site dimensions, the development's cost may be too high to make it feasible. And if

Marketing in the Fast Lane 

Sometimes failure is the springboard to innovation and success. Chuck Wise, CCIM, a broker with Sperry Van Ness in San Diego, has had such an experience, generating a fast track marketing strategy in the wake of a stalled deal. Despite

The View From Abroad 

It's a small world after all, reports Manfred Chemek, CCIM, CEO of Manhelm International in Houston, and one of the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute's co ambassadors to Germany. At a cocktail party in Houston, he met some local oil

Electronic Signature Advances Will Facilitate Online Business 

The world of electronic transactions has galloped far beyond the efforts of the legal community to develop laws that facilitate traffic on the Internet. Recently, Congress gave an unequivocal green light to those exploring the realm of electronic commerce. While

Digging Up Environmental Problems 

Nothing can kill a deal faster or make a lender flinch quicker than the mention of environmental concerns. The basis for that reaction comes from the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act. In graduate school, environmental science students are

Institutional Investors Rethink Their Real Estate Holdings 

Pension funds and life insurance companies traditionally have been long term real estate investors. However, recent market changes have made these institutional investors rethink how these assets fit into their portfolios. Real estate historically has appealed to these investors because

Central Florida Real Estate Is a Magic Kingdom 

Welcoming about 35,000 new residents a year, central Florida is booming with activity. “Central Florida's economy is thriving,” says Thomas R. Jones, CCIM, of Edward T. Byrd & Co. Commercial Mortgage Bankers in Orlando. “Companies are hiring, and finding good

Digital Decisions 

In a profession that relies on sight as well as smarts, commercial real estate practitioners have taken to digital cameras like ducks to water. The main advantage of digital is immediacy. Moments after the shutter is pushed, you can view

Are You a Candidate for an IRS Audit? 

Benjamin Franklin is credited with observing, “In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.” To whom taxpayers answer in death is a question of debate, but there is no question that U.S. taxpayers must answer to the Internal

Birth of a Boutique Hotel 

With modern designs, personalized attention, and unique amenities, boutique hotels offer an alternative to hotel chains for travelers — and developers. Growing affluence, greater mobility, and sophisticated tastes have increased this niche property's popularity, creating opportunities for commercial real estate

Building Smart 

When is a building smart enough? Almost never, is the overwhelming response from building tenants, technology service providers, and real estate developers. With increasing demand to make buildings smarter, many related products and services have emerged to help property developers,

Are You E-Savvy? 

Because of the Internet, every aspect of commercial real estate transactions is going to be tipped upside down. I've identified a handful of technology trends that are re engineering our business, from how we get listings, to how we manage

E-Brokerage Revolution Promises to Re-Engineer the Industry 

Although the commercial real estate market is one of the major sectors of the U.S. and world economies, it has been one of the last to embrace technology. The insurance, financial services, accounting, legal, retail, and manufacturing sectors long have