Reduce Your Risk 

As the intermediary between property owners and tenants, property managers have a duty to be fair to both. However, property managers also have certain responsibilities to owners by nature of their management contract. One such responsibility is to diminish the

High-Tech Success in Israel 

How far will some commercial real estate professionals go to find a new challenge? What about 5,778 miles? As the crow flies, that's the distance Richard Freedman, CCIM, traveled between Toronto and Tel Aviv, Israel. Three years ago he made

Analyze This 

When it comes to figuring out different investment scenarios, commercial real estate professionals have a fairly short list of products from which to choose. The product they use depends on the complexity of their deals, or sometimes the size of

Park Your Reverse Exchange 

Once upon a time, a &ldquo reverse Starker&rdquo exchange was dreaded by most tax professionals and avoided at all costs, even by the most savvy investors. Today, time and experience have provided more comfort to people who deal with these

Real Estate Grows Steadily in the Evergreen State 

Known as the home of Microsoft, Starbucks, and grunge music, Washington also plays host to an active commercial real estate market. Puget Sound has become a hotbed for venture capital investment, allowing high tech start ups to absorb vast amounts

Reinventing Retail 

Across the country, the retail market is thriving as merchants ring up sales at a record setting pace. Retail sales rose by about 7 percent last year to reach almost $3 trillion, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As a

Taking the Stand 

Can you swear to tell the commercial real estate truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Then you might want to consider a fee income option that many brokers and other industry professionals take on — testifying at

Swap Rent for Dot-Com Stock? Ask Tough Questions Before Proceeding 

With the explosion of dot com and high tech companies, some property owners are experiencing a new phenomenon tenants offering stock options or warrants in lieu of other forms of payment for lease transactions. This trend raises legal and business

Industry Monitors Effects of Interest Rates and Economic Conditions 

Commercial real estate is a capital intensive industry in both public and private markets. Interest rates and spreads are key benchmarks for lenders in determining their cost of capital to borrowers. The industry also is dependent on the health of

New Tax Rules Offer REITs More Flexibility 

Significant new federal income tax rules governing real estate investment trusts will allow REITs to compete on a more level playing field. Without being penalized, REITs now may operate and maintain control of companies that provide valuable services to their

Point and Click Your Way to Online Educational Opportunities 

In addition to being an online research and entertainment source, today’s Internet is ripe with educational opportunities. With Net usage and content continuing to expand at astronomical rates, online education already is being used by a small but growing number

Learning the Landscape 

Like taxes and death, landscape ordinances usually are inevitable, although savvy commercial real estate developers may be able to negotiate trade offs to reduce costs and time spent on landscaping. In most communities, developments must adhere to landscape ordinances as