REDEX Extras 

Roll out the red carpet CCIMREDEX, CCIM Institute&rsquo s real estate data exchange platform, has arrived. In addition to a host of listing services, this newest member benefit also integrates several marketing and analysis programs that offer discounted (and sometimes

Step It Up! 

How&rsquo s business? Pretty simple question isn&rsquo t it? Every day someone asks this or a similar question that seems innocent enough. And, like the vast majority of commercial real estate practitioners, you probably respond with a simple answer &ldquo

The Case for Conversion 

In today&rsquo s economy, owning or leasing your own building is a luxury that few companies can afford. Most corporate real estate budgets have been slashed and companies are cautious with the dollars they spend and the real estate they

Buyers Guide(27) 

Slick Headset Only slightly longer than an AA battery, the Novero Lexington Bluetooth headset has brushed steel and piano black accents and ships with an Italian leather case. The device&rsquo s dual microphones reduce noise, making for more pleasant conversations.

CCIM Connections Continued: STDBonline 

In the May June 2010 issue of Commercial Investment Real Estate, CCIM members discuss how they use STDBonline, a demographics and mapping program, to leverage their business opportunities. Here&rsquo s what other CCIMs have to say about this member benefit

Change the Way You Work 

CCIM Members Mailed along with this magazine is the instruction book for the next generation of CCIM member benefits the CCIMREDEX User Guide. Learning to use this commercial property data exchange is the best investment you can make in your

CCIM Connections(2) 

Whether they call it STDBonline, STDB, or Site to Do Business, CCIMs use this powerful site analysis and demographic data tool on a daily basis. It&rsquo s one of the many member benefits that boost CCIMs ahead of the competition.

REDEX Rolls Out 

On March 31, CCIM TECH launched CCIMREDEX, an online property listing and marketing database that is poised to revolutionize the way CCIM designees and candidates do business. Commercial Investment Real Estate asked Todd Kuhlmann, CCIM, vice president of Dallas based

Property Prescriptions 

Today, CCIM asset managers are no longer just asset managers they&rsquo re asset value physicians. For some, this means providing emergency, life saving care &ldquo As a court appointed receiver, my role is often like a battlefield surgeon&rsquo s,&rdquo says

In the Retail Ring 

The retail property investment market looks a little like a battered prize fighter these days. It's down, but by no means out. Given the one two punch of the credit crisis and the tepid economic recovery, retail investment sales are

Receiver's Role 

Within the chaos of foreclosures and deeds in lieu, lenders are utilizing receivers to minimize losses, maximize property values, and reduce potential liability on properties in default. It is no great surprise that an ever growing number of commercial real

Regional Outlook(24) 

NATIONAL WEST Austin, Texas, received the top score in bizjournals&rsquo s &ldquo small business vitality&rdquo ranking of the top 100 U.S. metros. Austin has added more small businesses than any other metro in the country and expanded its job

Retail Overstock: A Regional Roundup 

A variety of CCIMs provided commentary on their local markets for the May June 2010 cover story, “Retail Returns to the Ring.” The following roundup of regional retail markets in the U.S. gives voice to the valuable insights that could

Deal Makers(2) 

The Biggest Deal Jeremy G. Woods, CCIM, of Summit Realty Group in Indianapolis and two partners represented Belkin International in the 10 year, more than $25 million lease of a 798,096 sf distribution facility in Plainfield, Ind., from ProLogis. CCIM

Drop the Puck! 

As a native Minnesotan and a Minnesota Wild fan &mdash with a son who plays hockey &mdash I can&rsquo t help but view the current real estate investment market as a financial hockey game. Buyers and sellers are squaring off

International Influx 

The role of foreign investors in the U.S. real estate market ebbs and flows with a host of factors. Though not quite as predictable as the tide, its movement often is in tandem with the market&rsquo s fundamental drivers. Currently

International Beat(2) 

Brazil's Big Deal U.S. developer Tishman Speyer already has leased half of the first phase office space in the Castelo Branco Office Park, a six tower, 27 acre development in suburban Sao Paulo. BRICs Lead the Way The BRICs &mdash

Market Trends(12) 

Is Lending Back Lenders are ready to loosen the purse strings, according to Jones Lang LaSalle's 1Q10 survey of 60 of the industry's top loan originators. In a survey of life companies, CMBS originators, private equity, commercial banks, and government

Equity Injection 

The dominos continue to fall in the commercial real estate market, leaving lenders exceptionally conservative in making loans for new projects. Loan to value ratios in the 50 percent range are not uncommon. In fact, some would say that outright

Physical Fitness 

Commercial real estate investors conduct many types of due diligence, such as financial, legal, and physical. Regarding the latter, many investors assume that if they follow the current physical due diligence standard, ASTM guideline E2018 08, Standard Guide for Property

Cap Rate Crazy? 

In today&rsquo s market, investors, lenders with REO assets, and property owners are trying to maintain as much value as possible in commercial investment property sales. Appraisals are the first step in that process. Appraisers determine value either by comparing