Unsinkable Investments? 

Even in today's real estate environment, specialty properties such as marinas hold a particular attraction in select markets and appeal to certain investors. But purchasing a marina is not like buying a retail strip center or a self storage facility.

CCIM Connections 

Market Monitor Economists are mostly prophets of doom these days, but Mark Dotzour, chief economist and director of research for the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, has some good news to share. "Underlying investor demand for real estate

Regional Outlook 

West California's Big Deal The state of California accounted for 29 or close to a quarter of 2011's top single asset hotel deals, including the $137 million sale of the Mondrian Los Angeles, which was the second highest U.S. price

Big Deals in Small Markets 

As prices climb ever higher in primary markets, commercial real estate investors are making their way to non core markets in search of better returns. While second tier cities such as Austin, Texas, and Pittsburgh predictably dominate, even small towns

Ground Control 

Editor's note Originally published in 2006, “Ground Control" is one of the most popular articles in CIRE's archive. Author Philip “Fred” Himovitz updated the article for republication. Commercial real estate developers and investors often favor total fee ownership of income

Networking ROI 

What is the value of your professional network? When asked this question, I imagine most CCIM members would respond in a word priceless. As a member of the CCIM Institute, you have a number of valuable opportunities to help

International Beat 

Russia's Big Deal More proof that a well located retail center can always command top dollar A Morgan Stanley real estate fund has agreed to buy the largest mall in St. Petersburg, Russia, for $1.1 billion, from Meridian Capital, according

Deal Makers 

The Biggest Deal Sam Foster, CCIM, of Jones Lang LaSalle in Los Angeles and three partners negotiated the $45 million sale of a 192,053 sf office building in El Segundo, Calif., from Kilroy Realty Corp. to AG Net Lease Fund

Choosing a CRM 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a full time assistant who could remember all your clients' names, properties, and birthdays? Even better, what if the assistant was available 24 hours a day and never called in sick? For many commercial

Gov’t Issues 

You are an investor who has just snapped up a distressed property that includes a lease with the federal government. In the best scenario, you gain a desirable tenant with a long term lease, and the U.S. General Services Administration

Pop Goes Retail 

A pop up lease is more than just a new name for a traditional short term lease. The power of new media, along with the effects of the Great Recession, has created fertile conditions for a new breed of short

Small(er) Markets, Big Opportunities 

Commercial real estate investors are ready for a bit of risk. According to a 2011 Colliers survey, more than half of U.S. investors surveyed are prepared to move out of their comfort zones in search of higher returns. Their adventures

Energizing Tax Benefits 

In response to the growing focus on energy conservation, Congress passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 or EPAct, which created tax incentives to encourage the construction and retrofitting of energy efficient buildings. Although initially scheduled to sunset after two

Sharing a Passion 

From disc jockey to deal maker, 2012 CCIM Institute President Leil Koch, CCIM, was hooked on CCIM from day one. “I loved the numbers, the analysis, and the concepts,” he says of the first course he took back in 1991.

Market Trends 

Briefly Noted Hospitality — "The gates are opening for eager private equity and institutional buyers to take calculated risks in primary and secondary markets, says Arthur Adler, managing director and CEO Americas for Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels. He adds that

Marketing for Today’s Market 

In this economy, everyone is looking for a deal. Consumers and businesses alike are scrambling to ensure the bottom line pencils out, fostering a Groupon like mentality in nearly every industry. What started as a deal of the day site

L.A. Industrial 

The competition for industrial space in the submarkets surrounding Los Angeles is aggressive, and the battle by investors is heating up. While L.A. submarkets have always attracted both local and global industrial investment dollars, commercial real estate investors are now

Capital Markets 2012 

Many economic issues converged late last year to slow commercial real estate's recovery. In addition, the uncertainty of vintage commercial mortgage backed securities loans coming due this year and for the next several years has buyers, sellers, and investors speculating

Mexico or Brazil? 

With so much money accumulated on the sidelines, rising prices for U.S. trophy properties, and highly volatile European markets, international real estate investors are looking for new markets to conquer. According to the 2011 report by the National Commission of