1031 Details 

Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges may look similar to simple property acquisitions in which the buyer uses funds from a previous building sale. However, these transactions entail specific closing details that differ from traditional real estate sales.

Deal Makers(22) 

Office » Robert Lowe, CCIM, and Whit McCrary, CCIM, of Colliers Turley Martin Tucker in Nashville, Tenn., were the sole brokers in a nearly $5.7 million, 34,183 sf office space lease from Kirkland Properties to Ardent Health Services. « Russell

Protect Your Interests 

Due to recent regulatory reforms and advanced remediation techniques, more investors are purchasing environmentally contaminated properties. To protect such buyers from unknown liabilities, providers are offering more insurance products that adequately address environmental concerns. The use of environmental insurance is

Software Buyers Guide:Investment Analysis 

Argus 11.1 products argus_main.html Features Argus allows users to create valuation models that calculate cash flows, structure debt terms, perform sensitivity analyses, and produce Microsoft Excel reports. The latest version features custom data overviews, high quality report packaging, enhanced

Star Search 

Some commercial real estate companies have the magic touch They attract and retain the best and brightest brokers. Others aren't so fortunate. Maybe they hire good people, but they soon lose them to the competition. Which type is your company?

Warehouses Think Big 

If you asked a commercial real estate industry outsider to describe a warehouse, most likely he would answer "cramped, dark, and dusty." In today's industrial market, that reply is far from the truth. New warehouses are mammoth concrete structures through

A Winning Exchange 

Many CCIMs include Section 1031 tax deferred exchanges in their business services repertoire. Some savor the challenge of piecing together these oftentimes hard to execute transactions, but few undertake more than a couple exchanges a year. That is, unless you

VRDN Value 

Commercial paper is one of the primary capital sources in today's global financial markets. Fortune 500 companies and other large corporations regularly sell commercial paper to finance many types of expenditures. However, security registration requirements, high transaction costs, public disclosure

What Drives Parking Investments? 

Parking facilities now present intriguing commercial real estate investments. Traditionally, most parking related opportunities have not appealed to pension funds and institutional investors, but parking assets' low cost of capital and strong underlying fundamentals are generating new interest in this

Hiring Resources 

Recruiting, Interviewing, Hiring, and Training Cornell ILR Managerial Interviewing Skills mgmtprog training MD208.html Workshop held biannually in New York City covering all phases of the interviewing process. Field Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Salespeople libweb.nsf pages fg105 Resource

April 2004 Online Deal Makers 

OfficeRobert Lowe, CCIM, and Whit McCrary, CCIM, of Colliers Turley Martin Tucker in Nashville, Tenn., and a partner represented Gaedeke Landers in a more than $2.5 million, 55,931 sf office lease to Allstate Insurance Co. and a nearly $1.2 million,

March 2004 Online Deal Makers 

OfficeDan Powers, CCIM, of Sperry Van Ness in Canoga Park, Calif., and a partner represented the John P. Bellone Trust in the $1.6 million sale of the 6,500 sf John Bellone Building in Woodland Hills, Calif., to Kevin Coury. Neil

Assessing Risk 

In the commercial real estate investment context, risk is anything that creates volatility in a property or portfolio's expected or actual returns. In addition to analyzing returns and running cash flow projections, the most astute investors effectively understand risk analysis

Digging Deep 

Developers should address stormwater management issues at projects' commencements, as storage and treatment facilities' sizes can alter the amount of available buildable land. Flood zone regulations and stormwater treatment requirements affect the amount of land needed. If the land's opportunity

Digital Dynamos 

A proliferation of feature laden personal digital assistants and smartphones crowds today's market. Each successive model integrates more capabilities as manufacturers grope for the right combination of price, features, and form. In addition to providing basic PDA functions, many of

Determining Site Potential 

Can a desired development project be built on the land chosen? Commercial real estate investors and developers must ask this fundamental question early in the site selection process. By taking into account a site's environmental characteristics, stormwater management and treatment

Hot Investments 

In Orange County, Calif., now is an outstanding time to be a seller, says John McDermott, regional manager of Sperry Van Ness in Irvine. "This is the hottest investment market in 20 years in all property types," agrees Louis J.

The Cleanup Conundrum 

As infill developers move back into urban cores and others seek land for large scale suburban projects, they come up against a looming redevelopment obstacle environmentally tainted properties. Given land shortages and other factors, environmental cleanup challenges may be well

Litigation Alternatives 

As business litigation costs and length increase, more commercial real estate companies are turning to alternative dispute resolution to solve disagreements with partners, suppliers, customers, and other professionals with whom they have contractual relationships. ADR offers parties the ability to