Brokers Make Real Estate a Family Affair 

Family members joining together to form a business can be a recipe for disaster. In addition to tensions that can result from family arguments outside of the office, non related employees of the company may feel slighted or resentful if

Beyond the Bored Room 

Staff meetings have been known to trigger apathetic sighs and muffled yawns among company employees. In fact, some staff members view them as a mundane ritual, holding out hope that doughnuts and coffee might be offered as compensation for wasting

Flying High 

Editor's note Air cargo facility development is a growing niche in the commercial real estate industry. This case study examines one CCIM's journey from initial site selection to successful completion of an air cargo facility for Emery, a worldwide air

Group Dynamics 

Sponsoring syndications offers commercial real estate professionals investment opportunities greater than those they may be able to handle individually. Syndicators pool the resources of several investors to acquire a more expensive property, while diversifying the risk of real estate ownership.

Implement a Disaster Recovery Plan to Protect Against the Unexpected 

In light of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, disaster recovery planning has taken on a serious, new meaning. A carefully designed disaster management plan can help businesses rebound and continue operations if the unexpected occurs. Whether it is a

Going Green 

Energy efficiency may be earth friendly but it also offers bottom line savings and a competitive edge. For example, the 73,000 square foot Ridgehaven building, headquarters for the San Diego Environmental Services Department, realized an annual energy savings of $80,000

Institutional Lenders Offer Viable Financing Alternatives 

Institutional lenders such as life insurance companies and Wall Street conduit lenders offer various financing options for commercial real estate ventures. In tight economic circumstances, commercial real estate professionals carefully should study the available options to make wise decisions for

Smarter Subleasing 

In the current rapidly changing commercial real estate market, it is more important than ever that landlords and tenants understand the complexities of marketing and negotiating office subleases. Commercial real estate professionals need to be fully equipped to address all

Proposed IRS Changes Ease Income Tax Regulations for Corporate Mergers 

The Internal Revenue Service recently reversed its course in a direction favorable to taxpayers regarding the proposed regulations on the income tax consequences of corporate mergers or consolidations involving entities that are disregarded for federal tax purposes. The regulations are

Everything Old Is New Again 

Modern commercial real estate abounds with restrictive development guidelines such as land use policies and urban growth boundaries intended to protect farmland and open space while encouraging economic growth in inner cities. However, these policies limit the amount of new

Reexamine Leases in Light of Heightened Security Concerns 

The criteria for leasing suitable office space used to be straightforward and well understood location, location, location. However, concerns raised by last year's terrorist attacks may affect numerous aspects of the leasing process. Allocations of risk and responsibility between landlords

Massachusetts Moves Ahead 

For centuries, Massachusetts has provided the country with a series of cultural and industrial innovations. The first American public secondary school was founded in Boston in 1635, and the first American university, Harvard, was established in Cambridge (then Newtowne) the

Non-Traded REITs Offer Stability and Portfolio Diversification 

Investment portfolio diversification and risk management always have been key factors in reducing loss of asset value in the face of historically volatile markets. Of course, these strategies need not be limited to the traditional stock and bond markets. Several