How Do Auction Sales Work? 

Commercial real estate auction sales differ somewhat from traditional brokerage sales. Here are some of the points that define the auction process and make auctions a popular alternative in today&rsquo s uncertain market. The main advantage of auctions is the

Impress the Press 

When you pick up an industry publication or log onto your favorite commercial real estate news site, chances are you read articles that quote commercial real estate experts. Have you ever wondered how these industry pros find such great opportunities

Eight Ways to Boost Your Business 

Today's economy is about as predictable as the weather It's hard to tell if smooth sailing lies ahead or a storm is brewing on the horizon. This uncertainty stymies some commercial real estate professionals' attempts to develop new business, but

Marketing Resource Guide 

The Power of Positive Thinking The right attitude can make all the difference in property potential. Nov.Dec.06 Problem Property CCIM uses creative repositioning strategy to sell vacant building. Nov.Dec.06 Monitor Your Marketing Savvy professionals keep track of what delivers the

Monitor Your Marketing 

Whether the rollercoaster ride known as the commercial real estate market is slowly rolling up the curve or barreling down a dizzying descent, one thing is certain In this highly competitive world, marketing savvy

Perfecting Presentations 

Mention presentations these days and the reaction might be, "What kind?" Today, commercial real estate practitioners find their presentation materials spanning different media, from printed matter such as reports and handouts to computer presentations. These latter programs can be viewed

Sites Unseen 

“It’s hard to get people to sign up for a dream,” says Jan Friedlander, CCIM, owner of Friedlander Commercial Real Estate LLC in Castle Rock, Colo., about the psychology of marketing unbuilt commercial real estate

The Spin Cycle 

No matter how long commercial real estate professionals have been in the business, the same marketing challenges rise to the surface year after year. Issues such as time management, self promotion, market visibility, reputation, and cutting through the competition face

A+ Strategies 

While some tenants enjoy the perks and tolerate the high rents of class A properties, many prefer the idea of lower rental rates and fewer amenities, particularly in an unstable economy. With a plethora of class B and C office

Standout Marketing Strategies 

Every year, millions of square feet of commercial real estate worth billions of dollars are bought, sold, or leased in the United States. Before that happens, though, many hours are spent trying to match the right company or individual with

Marketing Matters 

When record breaking property sales make front page news and 1031 and cap rate join the lexicon of backyard barbeque chatter, the industry has arrived. A collusion of economic and social trends is focusing today’s spotlight on commercial real estate.

Q: Why Target Marketing? 

"If you build it, they will come," goes the adage. While this theory may have proved true in the movies, it doesn&rsquo t hold up when marketing commercial real estate. An effective modern marketing program must be a challenging, multiphased

Commercial Real Estate by Degrees 

Master of science in real estate or an MBA with a concentration in real estate? That's one of the many decisions potential graduate students must make when they return to school for an advanced degree. Fortunately a growing number of

Brand-Name Recognition 

Establishing a unique identity in today's marketplace is a challenge, particularly in the competitive commercial real estate world. How can you stand out among the bevy of local and national companies vying for business in your market? While service and

Carving a Niche 

Do you have a niche? Amid the commercial real estate industry consolidation that characterizes today&rsquo s brokerage environment, it can make sense for some brokers to specialize in a property type. Being considered an expert in a particular area can

Marketing Properties Beyond the For Sale Sign 

Though we've all read reports on the changing nature of the workplace and its implications for the commercial real estate industry, the fundamentals of marketing a property remain the same, and brokers are doing all they can to strike the

Meet the Press 

In the past several years, real estate has moved center stage into the media spotlight. National and local newspapers and evening news programs regularly feature articles and segments on the housing bubble, the condominium conversion craze, and real estate's impact

Off the Fence 

After years of owning and operating a unique entertainment destination on the outskirts of Williamsburg, Va., Jack Barnett faced a tough financial decision sell the 79.6 acre property, which had been owned by his family for nearly 50 years, or

Top Branding Tips 

The following guidelines can help you establish a brand for your company in today's marketplace. Your brand is your reputation   the most valuable thing you possess. A strong brand and the trust it engenders are the only aspects of

Problem Property 

After a year of marketing an older, vacant, 65,000 square foot office building in downtown Minneapolis to call centers and technology hubs, Aaron Barnard, CCIM, a broker with Northstar Partners in Eden Prairie, Minn., knew it was time to rethink

The Ultimate Payoff 

Executing a successful Web site marketing strategy requires careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, and an investment of company resources. If done properly, the benefits far exceed the costs. Your company can increase customer service and close deals more quickly

Think Before You Brand 

Most commercial real estate companies have similar goals serve clients well, achieve profitability, grow the business. While identifying your company's goals is important, determining how effectively you are reaching your intended audience is just as critical. "Businesses have a vision

Fast Pitch 

The tour was set for 1 00 p.m. A pizza restaurant chain was considering leasing space in a downtown Wichita, Kan., office complex, but its representatives were skeptical that the market could support the location. Fortunately, Larry W. Weber, CCIM,

Tuned Into the Market 

In a world where business professionals have instant access to information, some might think radio communication is a thing of the past. Not true, say listeners who tune into the “Commercial Real Estate Show,” a weekly online and on air

Market Trends 

High Tech on a High Tear High tech job growth is fueling office absorption in more markets than expected, according to Jones Lang LaSalle. Access to talent is the No. 1 location driver, along with creative space requirements large open