Caveat Emptor 

Keep your head — those about you may be losing theirs. The stresses of the world still exist some eight years after the Great Recession. A continued global economic slowdown now includes China, new acts of terrorism abound, and the Federal Reserve is raising the federal funds rate just as other central banks

Sky-High Prices? 

“Price is what you pay value is what you get.” — Warren Buffet As we look to 2015 and beyond, the commercial real estate market is enjoying much positive press and continues to be a favored asset class relative to

The Last Innings 
The upward momentum that commercial real estate prices and values have been experiencing has recently slowed relative to their appreciation trajectory since their amazing recovery starting two years after the credit crisis. Given the challenges in today's world and the many dynamics affecting commercial real estate, the economy, and the financial markets, it is time to fully understand the next phase of the current market cycle.