Smart Cities 

The year is coming to a close. Now is the time to consider charitable donations for today and tomorrow.

Individuals may think about what charities have made a difference in their lives. Or ask themselves what legacy they want to create. Now Alfred Nobel is not remembered as a cannon manufacturer but for funding the prestigious Nobel Prizes.

Hercules Unbound 

 Blockchain technology has the potential to securely expedite commercial real estate deals.


Late-Stage Cycle 

While core market pricing has held steady since 2015, a softening in secondary markets has occurred in the last 18 months. This slump may preview what will happen in all markets.

Shifting Landscape 

Driverless vehicles are going to affect more than how people get from place-to-place. Cities and buildings will be designed differently, and the rela estate investment opportunities are going to change.

Taming Anarchy 


Rising to the Top