Market Trends 

“As lenders find it more difficult to serve a narrow slice of the market in 2011, they’ll be forced to broaden the range of deals that they’ll finance in order to put their money to work, suggesting that there may

Regional Outlook(17) 

SOUTH Miami closed 2010 on a high note with the sale of the ever colorful 600,000 sf Miami Tower, which sold for $105.5 million at year end, marking South Florida’s largest commercial transaction of the year. Originally the CenTrust Tower

International Beat(5) 

“ China and India are starting small and carefully, identifying partners they can trust. Long term relationships will flow from that process. We are already seeing this with the space needs of Chinese banks in Western financial centers.” — Colin

Lessons Learned 

What has the commercial real estate market taught us in the past three years? Humility in many cases, and perhaps balance, as market participants measure the pain of a 40 percent loss in value against more intangible items, such as