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International Beat 

U.K.'s Big Deal International investors schooled in alternative investments are signing up for U.K. student housing portfolios, with £4.1 billion in transactions and another £83 million under contract by mid-August, making 2015 the most active year for this investment product, according to Deloitte. Of th

Market Trends 

LITHC Effect Every year, the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit program budgets nearly $8 billion for state and local tax credits to encourage developers to renovate and build affordable housing, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Since 1987, more than 2.6 million housin

Regional Outlook 

Midwest Pittsburgh's Big Deal Pittsburghers are mourning the closing of the downtown Macy's, housed in the iconic Kaufmann's department store building, a Pittsburgh landmark known for its signature clock. No worries, says Philadelphia-based Core Realty, which bought the property for $15 million,