Economic Development Organizations Foster Land Deals 

A few CCIMs are finding opportunities to broker land deals by working with quasi governmental entities responsible for promoting job creation in their communities. Just ask James Mascaro, CCIM, eastern region development director of DP Partners in Harrisburg, Pa. Mascaro’s

Dirt, Cheap 

Even at bargain basement prices, most land investments today are a gamble. A land buyer is placing a bet that demand for commercial real estate projects will return before property taxes and other holding costs eat up the potential return

Containing Sprawl 

The post World War II American dream has come true, and its name is sprawl. “A new metropolitan form … America of the mall, the beltway, the subdivision, the multiplex movie theater, the drive through fast food outlet, the low

Digging Up the Dirt on Land Sales 

Of all the real estate disciplines, buying and developing raw land presents the greatest amount of risk. Buyers often encounter pitfalls because of development issues that weren't properly investigated road changes, inadequate capacity of existing utilities, a change in local

On Solid Ground 

Commercial brokers are positive in their forecasts for land sales in the next year. "It should be good for land sales, with retail, industrial, and single family home development leading the way," says Keith P. Grothaus, CCIM, SIOR, vice president

Wrapping Up Land Packages 

For site acquisition specialists, assembling a group of properties for development presents an exciting challenge. Yet putting together the package often is the most complicated aspect of developing a site, and the difficulty exponentially increases with the number of landowners.

Hunting for Recreational Properties 

Land is America's new stock market. In some parts of the country, people burned by Wall Street are putting their money into what Scarlett O'Hara called “the only thing that lasts.” For example, Curt Eilers, CCIM, a broker investor who