Self-Storage Strategies 

In 2012, The Wall St. Journal reported that public self storage real estate investment trusts outperformed their office, apartment, and hotel competitors. The continuing strength of the sector through 2013 has put interest in self storage acquisitions at an all

Off Balance 

“We are looking for a relationship.” “We are a relationship bank.” Often borrowers hear these phrases when requesting a commercial mortgage loan from a bank however, in these circumstances, relationship is really just a marketing friendly code word for compensating

Taking Credit 

In the current economic climate, creative thinking is critical when it comes to securing the financing needed to purchase or rehabilitate real estate. With underwriting standards still extremely tight, banks remain less likely to lend, and when they do, loan

A Bridge to Success 

In a strengthening multifamily market, bridge financing can be an attractive option for investors seeking to acquire or reposition multifamily properties with low occupancy numbers, planned renovations, or other operational challenges. High demand in today’s market has created a scarcity

Partial-Interest Plan 

Partial interest properties can seem like a myth in the real estate world. These properties are not only rare, but also notoriously difficult to sell. If you ever happen across a partial interest property, here’s how to work with the

Follow the Money 

If you are like many commercial real estate brokers these days, 85 percent of your transactions are lease deals and only 15 percent are sales. Purchase transactions are often a frustrating secondary source of income, as closings are harder to