Betting On Troubled Assets 

Today&rsquo s $108 billion of distressed commercial real estate reported by Real Capital Analytics has created an opening for risk takers of all sizes. Weak properties are prime targets for small to midsize investor owners who have enough cash and

Distressed Asset Dynamics 

Broker competition to service lenders&rsquo real estate owned assets is heating up as traditional leasing and sales activity cools amid the current market slump. Yet landing these coveted listing agreements is no easy task. Lenders faced with a growing portfolio

Helping Corporations Sell the Undesirable 

If only every property was spacious, perfectly located, and environmentally sound. Unfortunately, as corporate real estate sellers know, many corporate assets have little to no buyer appeal. Today an increasing number of undesirable properties are showing up on the market

Money Magnets 

Capital that is now on the sidelines is likely to return to the market as a floor on asset pricing emerges and values become attractive once again. However, while lending conditions are expected to remain tight during the next 12

Receivership 101 

The gloomy news about the real estate recession continues to pour in. Trepp recently confirmed that the current commercial mortgage backed securities delinquency rate is the highest in its history. Commercial mortgage defaults likely will continue at staggering levels in

Profiting from Distressed Properties 

Editor's note Turning around a distressed property can be a lucrative, albeit risky, investment for commercial real estate professionals. This case study examines how one CCIM used in depth market analysis and skilled asset management to turn a struggling industrial

Rescuing Distressed Retail Real Estate 

“The developer bit off more than he could chew,” says Henry Englehardt, CCIM, senior vice president with Colliers International in Walnut Creek, Calif., explaining how Rocklin Crossroads, a mixed use retail property in Rocklin, Calif., fell into the hands of

Receiver's Role 

Within the chaos of foreclosures and deeds in lieu, lenders are utilizing receivers to minimize losses, maximize property values, and reduce potential liability on properties in default. It is no great surprise that an ever growing number of commercial real

Born-Again Buildings 

Call it the “Friends” effect After a decade of watching the television show about six characters sharing funky urban digs, young adults in mid size U.S. cities have decided that’s the life they want. But unlike previous

The Shadow Effect 

One of the mysteries of today’s commercial real estate market is the current dearth of foreclosed properties on the market. After the credit meltdown of 2007–2008, industry professionals expected foreclosed properties to flood the market, but few ever did. Today,

Buying Into Distress 

A struggling commercial real estate market has led to unprecedented levels of nonperforming commercial mortgage loans. While lenders weigh their options, investors with capital are contemplating where and how to invest. This article discusses the typical loan purchase process and

Distressed Asset Joint Ventures: A Winning Trifecta? 

Chicago based Corus Bank was once a prominent lender in the world of condominium development. But in 2009, Corus became just another failed bank, with one notable difference Corus' assets were transferred to a unique joint venture between the Federal

Foreclosure Fortunes 

In today&rsquo s market, the difference between traditional and distressed sales is mostly in the buyer&rsquo s mindset. Traditional sales currently are driven by need &mdash only investors who need to fulfill Section 1031 exchanges or other financial or market

Dealing With Distress 

Daniel Latshaw, CCIM, played an artful balancing act in marketing a failed mixed use development last summer in midtown Atlanta. A partner at Bull Realty, Latshaw represented the property owner, who had defaulted on loans for the 2.5 acre site

Selling Distressed Commercial Property Through Receivership 

With commercial property loan defaults still a reality in today's sluggish economy, lenders are increasingly opting to sell distressed properties through a rents and profits receiver instead of pursuing other remedies, such as workouts, deeds in lieu, and foreclosures. By