The GSA Way 

The General Services Administration probably is the largest U.S. tenant, providing space for more than 400 federal government agencies, bureaus, and commissions with more than 1 million employees and contractors. At the end of its fiscal year 2010, GSA’s leased

CCIM Connections Continued(5) 

In the March April issue of CIRE magazine, CCIMs share advice that helps shape their approach to business. Here, we offer more of that wisdom. Listen, listen, listen to your clients and customers Give them what they need as professionally

Deal Makers(28) 

The Biggest Deal John Gallagher, CCIM, of TRI Commercial Real Estate Services in Rocklin, Calif., negotiated the $50.4 million sale of the 336 unit Sherwood Apartments in Folsom, Calif., from Sherwood Apartments LLC to Sherwood Iron Point LP. CCIM ROIWhat’s

CCIM Education Evolves 

Though the term hybrid model usually evokes visions of compact cars with alternative fuel systems, the CCIM Institute has created its own unique prototype that is poised to revolutionize commercial real estate education. On Feb. 21, CCIM’s new hybrid education

CCIM Connections(8) 

Even the most well educated commercial real estate practitioners can use a little good advice now and then. Here CCIMs share the nuggets of wisdom from colleagues and mentors that have helped them navigate markets both good and bad. Deliver