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August Online Deal Makers(1) 

Office Scott Bazoian, CCIM, SIOR, and James W. Mosby, CCIM, SIOR, of Colliers Turley Martin Tucker in St. Louis and a partner represented Fulcrum Asset Management in the more than $2.4 million, six year lease of 18,670 sf of office

2010 Rising Stars 

Return on investment is one of the most important principles in commercial real estate. But when it comes to earning the designation, the ROI on a CCIM education is something you &ldquo simply can&rsquo t calculate in a T bar

Bankable Strategies 

In today’s challenging economic times, commercial real estate professionals are at risk of losing business, particularly since real estate cycles tend to trail economic cycles. However, all hope is not lost just because the property investment market is

The Art of the Deal 

Brokers across the country have been working harder and smarter to close transactions as the national economy starts to reignite commercial investment real estate deals. While stabilized class A assets remain in demand, brokers need to prepare to sell the

Broker Helps Bring New Library to Disadvantaged Area 

Sometimes the commercial real estate transactions that bring the most satisfaction don't necessarily result in large commissions. Such was the case when Sig Buster III, CCIM, sold a vacant lot to Richland County, S.C., to build a new library in

April 2005 Online Deal Makers 

OfficeArthur Nachman, CCIM, of Long & Foster Real Estate in Vienna, Va., represented Dombroff & Gilmore PC in the nearly $2.2 million lease of a 25,602 sf office building in Tysons Corner, Va., from Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer, and Feld

Broker Provides Impetus to Developing Houston's New Chinatown 

Building a multifamily or retail property is an isolated event. Building a community that lives and works in those properties requires continuous effort. In helping the growth of New Chinatown in Houston, Kenneth Li, CCIM, CIPS, CRS, accomplished both. Although

Bankruptcy Sales 

As this real estate cycle heads into its downturn, developers, investors, and lenders may face bankruptcy issues that they have not experienced in the past. Market slowdowns during the last 18 months may require these parties, as well as others,

Buyers Guide(6) 

Tilt a WirelessThe Tilt, AT&T’s Vista compatible Windows Mobile 6 smart phone, allows users to view messages, photos, and videos on a 2.8 inch touch screen that swivels and tilts upward. With integrated Wi Fi and a next generation processor,

Broker Scores New Fields for Youth Soccer Organization 

Working in the nonprofit sector is not a new experience for William T. Adams, CCIM, CRB. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he coordinated a group of volunteer real estate professionals that found sites for Habitat for Humanity houses.

Broker's Positive Thinking Equals Positive Results 

Judy Hatfield, CCIM, prides herself on being a very optimistic person. “If I think a deal is a win win for everyone, I always think positively of how we can make the deal work,” explains Hatfield, president of Equity Realty

Brokers Make Real Estate a Family Affair 

Family members joining together to form a business can be a recipe for disaster. In addition to tensions that can result from family arguments outside of the office, non related employees of the company may feel slighted or resentful if

Career Connections 

In Hillsborough County, Fla., where Robert Lee Barber, CCIM, managing partner of Accelerated Real Estate Services in Pinellas Park, Fla., resides, the invisible hand of the real estate market maintains a visibly tight grip. Vacancy is up, rents are down,

CCIM Connections(1) 

If you&rsquo re not attending your local chapter meetings, you&rsquo re missing out on huge business networking opportunities. As Hayim Mizrachi, CCIM, of the Southern Nevada chapter says &ldquo This organization commands involvement from the top level of professionals in

CCIM Connections 

From the core program to the many elective courses, the institute&rsquo s educational offerings give designees the knowledge and practical skills to compete in a difficult market. As Maggie Gorden, CCIM, notes, &ldquo The courses are demanding, but the rewards

CCIM Connections(2) 

Whether they call it STDBonline, STDB, or Site to Do Business, CCIMs use this powerful site analysis and demographic data tool on a daily basis. It&rsquo s one of the many member benefits that boost CCIMs ahead of the competition.

Calculating a Career Change 

Often the luckiest people in the world are those who know what they want to do in life, right out of the starting gate. Many commercial real estate professionals fall into this category, recognizing early on a desire for the

CCIM Connections(5) 

Welcome to CCIM Connections &mdash where CCIM Institute members tell their stories, give opinions, and offer suggestions for improving everyday business life. Tap into the experience and knowledge the CCIM membership contains. Send your own CCIM Connections contributions to

CCIM Connections Continued: STDBonline 

In the May June 2010 issue of Commercial Investment Real Estate, CCIM members discuss how they use STDBonline, a demographics and mapping program, to leverage their business opportunities. Here&rsquo s what other CCIMs have to say about this member benefit

CCIM Connections(11) 

Who uses’s Find a Professional directory? Just about everyone from private investors to corporate space users, according to CCIM designees. “I love this feature,” says Fred Caminite, CCIM, CPM. “But some CCIMs I’ve contacted are actually surprised that I

CCIM Connections(4) 

MailBridge, http, is one of the hardest working CCIM member benefits. And most economical &mdash like free Members use it to impress clients, close deals, and find out what&rsquo s selling where. Marketing and More MailBridge &bull puts my

CCIM Connections Continued(1) 

In the July August 2010 issue of CIRE, CCIM members discussed the resources they found most useful at their local CCIM chapters. Here other CCIMs expound on the benefits that local chapters provide. To find out how to join your

CCIM Education Evolves 

Though the term hybrid model usually evokes visions of compact cars with alternative fuel systems, the CCIM Institute has created its own unique prototype that is poised to revolutionize commercial real estate education. On Feb. 21, CCIM’s new hybrid education

Cities of Tomorrow 

In the CCIM 102 course, CCIM instructors teach that the just in time delivery model is a primary driver of demand for industrial space. Nothing illustrates that idea more succinctly than the theme of Aerotropolis The Way We'll Live Next.

CCIM Connections(3) 

CCIM’s core curriculum offers a solid foundation on which to build a successful career in commercial real estate, but the education program doesn’t end with the designation. The Ward Center for Real Estate Studies offers workshops, Webinars, and online courses