Ward Center Evolves 

One of the biggest challenges facing commercial real estate practitioners is remaining relevant in an industry that is changing almost on a daily basis. Recognizing that need, the CCIM Institute is helping CRE professionals stay current with classes from the

Small-Market Survival 

Big-ticket transactions are tougher to find in small commercial real estate markets. As a result, it can be more difficult for CCIM candidate members to reach the portfolio submission requirements to earn the CCIM designation.   Expert Assistance However, many CCIM designees have prevailed despite

STDB Tips 

6442451020 The best proponents for STDB are the CCIM members who use the mapping and demographics program regularly in their daily business. Commercial Investment Real Estate asked CCIMs to share favorite tips for working with this free member benefit. Alec Pacella, CCIM, NAI Daus, Cleveland, Ohio

Young and Successful 

CCIM training and networking play crucial roles in building fledgling CCIM designees’ success. Young commercial real estate professionals always look for ways  to boost their credibility and practical knowledge to succeed in this competitive and primarily commission-based industry. For many, acquiring the CC

Double-Sided Coin 
For years, the Chicago Housing Authority was the poster child for development gone wrong. Cabrini Green, for example, became  a breeding ground for crime and was far more dangerous than the housing it replaced. On the bright side, Austin, Texas, shows how good development planning enhances a city's prosperity enticing more companies and employees.
Lending Decisions 

During the past three decades, community banks have substantially increased their presence in commercial real estate lending, according to a 2012 FDIC Community Banking Study. Between 1984 and 2011, commercial real estate lending doubled from 13.2 percent of community banks’

Splitting Profits 

Learn why the internal rate of return (IRR) waterfall technique is an increasingly popular progressive strategy to shift downside risk away from the equity investor and provides greater upside potential for the developer.

Learning to Lead 

What do cooking classes and improv sessions have to do with training effective leaders? Quite a bit, according to CCIM Institute Senior Instructor Walt Clements, CCIM, who facilitated a program of 15 activities to help this year’s Jay W. Levine

Blended Learning 

CCIM Institute’s new course delivery method is also delivering a new member benefit to designees. As part of the blended learning initiative, CCIM is creating its own online education library. For CI 101 alone, CCIM’s senior instructors have already produced

Chapter Collaboration 

Being successful isn’t just about closing the most transactions or landing the biggest deals. Success is also measured by the contributions industry professionals, such as Sandy Benak, CCIM, leasing manager at Granite Properties, make to the commercial real estate industry.

Fast and Furious 


Investment Track 

While many novice investors jumped on the fast and furious multifamily train in recent years, the stalwart industry pros were focused on finding the best tracks — not necessarily the ones most traveled. Multifamily investment and asset management expert Michael

Retail Education 

Part of the strategy for promoting CCIM Institute’s education program to a wider audience is partnering with other established commercial real estate professional development programs. For the past several years, CCIM has sponsored sessions at the University of Shopping Centers,

Creating Valuations Amid Uncertainty 
In today’s climate, estimating an asset’s current and future worth is tricky but far from impossible.
A Return to OZ 

The opportunity zone program continues to thrive despite skepticism and the pandemic. It's only been three years since opportunity zones were created to encourage investment in low-income communities across the country. The program has been welcomed and used by many, though some look on with skepticism. N

Making the Most of Using Less 

Today’s construction industry operates with a triple bottom- line perspective: construction must be financially sustainable, structures must be environmentally sustainable, and construction must be socially sustainable. Here are eight common methods of reducing consumption, eliminating waste, and minimizing energy usage.

A New Intro 

The more some things change, the more others remain the same. “IRR is IRR is IRR,” says Mark J. Polon, CCIM, founder of Polon Consulting, a CCIM senior instructor, and director of CCIM Institute’s Ward Center for Real Estate Studies.

Retail Analysis 

The retail property feasibility analysis featuring the CCIM Strategic Analysis Model considers the goals and objectives of the investor/developer, alternative investments available, and the investment criteria that lead to the final decision.

Raising the Bar 
Hired by the New Mexico Real Estate Commission, Todd Clarke, CCIM, developed a continuing education curriculum to better train and equip real estate professionals. The new program launched in 2017.
Smoother Transition 


CRE CrossFit 
Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine looks at new technology for CRE professionals.