On the Edge 

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge smartphone contains a multifunctional home screen with a semi curved design. The right edge of the phone curves into a 2,560 x 160 pixel second menu that contains shortcuts to frequently used apps, alerts, and

B2B Research 

Social media remains a hot topic among most businesses, including those in the commercial real estate sector. There is one platform in particular that offers a great deal of value, especially as a business development research tool LinkedIn. As we

Resource Guide 

Business technology has made great strides during the past 25 years. But until recently, commercial real estate was largely ignored in the technology arena. After playing catch up for a few years, the industry is now starting to carve out


Real estate ownership is one of the oldest — and most inefficient — businesses. Real estate companies or “sponsors” looking to raise equity for new development, project repositionings, or acquisitions still rely heavily on old school methods such as their

Introducing DealShare 

For years, CCIM designees have successfully shared their property haves and wants via the members only MailBridge email platform. This fall, MailBridge became DealShare, offering all CCIM members a more efficient, robust way to make connections and do business online.

Resource Guide 

It’s hard to keep up with today’s constantly evolving technology. However, there are a number of products and resources that can help improve your day to day business practices. Commercial Investment Real Estate gathered a handful of products that are