For Sail 

As many boaters prepare for another season on the high seas—or the local river or lake—the facilities that often launch their journeys—marinas—are reemerging as a potential niche for commercial real estate professionals. Although the specialty, particularly with regard to new

Do the Right Thing 

"I’m in a dilemma," says Christopher E. Hughes, CCIM, president of Hughes Realty Group, Ltd., in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, who recently discovered that the two investment properties along a busy stretch of highway he was working to sell were

Expect the Unexpected 

Life doesn't always go as planned. That's especially true for commercial real estate professionals who find themselves struggling to revitalize weary structures or locate the right property when all roads seem to hit dead ends. Often in such cases, it's

Carving a Niche 

Do you have a niche? Amid the commercial real estate industry consolidation that characterizes today&rsquo s brokerage environment, it can make sense for some brokers to specialize in a property type. Being considered an expert in a particular area can