Reinventing Retail 

Across the country, the retail market is thriving as merchants ring up sales at a record setting pace. Retail sales rose by about 7 percent last year to reach almost $3 trillion, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As a

Destination: Downtown 

Across the country, downtowns of all sizes are undergoing transformations. From reinvestments in public infrastructures and existing properties to the development of new hotels, retail stores, and sports stadiums, downtowns are becoming more people friendly. Fueling the redevelopment is the

Historic Undertakings 

Historic properties may present commercial real estate professionals with many challenges, but they also offer both tangible and intangible rewards. While brokers and developers may have to meet current building codes and obtain government approval for redevelopment projects, they can

Standout Marketing Strategies 

Every year, millions of square feet of commercial real estate worth billions of dollars are bought, sold, or leased in the United States. Before that happens, though, many hours are spent trying to match the right company or individual with