Plug in to Outlets 

It’s those three little words that often are impossible to resist What a deal. For serious shoppers, it’s the designer overcoat marked down to $400 from its original $1,200 price tag others may be happy with a pair of seersucker

Retail Entertainment 

Given that they're going to have to pay $48 for a sweater no matter where they buy it where do you think shoppers would rather go a noisy, dimly lit, sterile looking suburban mall, where they're packed in cheek to

A Breath of Fresh Air 

"From a new development point of view, it seems that three pillars have decided that open air is the best the municipalities that are approving these new centers, the tenants who are going in them, and the customers who are

Building Business Relationships 

It's not just the customers who drive your business. Whether you're a solo practitioner or you work for a multistate corporation, you depend on a vast network of people with varying expertise to help get the job done. Establishing, fostering,

Keep Them Coming Back 

When it comes to providing customer service, the golden rule applies &ldquo Try to put yourself in your customers' shoes and figure out how you would want to be treated,&rdquo says Edward Craine, CCIM, president of Smith Craine Finance in

It's a Small World 

"I'm lucky,&rdquo says Lynn Mitchell, CCIM. &ldquo I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I still get to do business. Mitchell owns Mitchell Realty Group in Ellijay, Ga., a town about an hour north of

Going Green 

Energy efficiency may be earth friendly but it also offers bottom line savings and a competitive edge. For example, the 73,000 square foot Ridgehaven building, headquarters for the San Diego Environmental Services Department, realized an annual energy savings of $80,000

Eastern Europe Looks West 

In less than 10 years, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland have made an enthusiastic leap from Soviet style socialism to Western style capitalism. Multinational corporations are moving in, the tourism and hospitality industries are booming, and residents have more

The Deal Is in the Details 

You may not often have the chance to find a home for 1,000 greyhounds or convert a historic, 60 year old grocery store. However, when the opportunity arises, it pays to be prepared. What defines a unique deal? It all

Extended-Stay Hotels 

Good hotels used to promise guests everything but the kitchen sink. Nowadays, they’re throwing that in as well. Fully equipped kitchens are just one of the many extras being built into a rapidly growing segment of the hospitality industry extended

Eight Ways to Boost Your Business 

Today's economy is about as predictable as the weather It's hard to tell if smooth sailing lies ahead or a storm is brewing on the horizon. This uncertainty stymies some commercial real estate professionals' attempts to develop new business, but

Gone Green Yet? 

There’s no question that green commercial building is grabbing its share of headlines these days. Major corporations such as Toyota, Goldman Sachs, Hearst Corp., and BP have built and moved into environmentally responsible buildings. National commercial real estate companies such

Is Smart Growth Smart? 

As metropolitan areas sprawl farther out and rural cornfields sprout housing subdivisions almost overnight, a debate is waging at federal and local levels over how best to accommodate this growth. Government officials, commercial real estate professionals, and community activists are

Thinking Outside the Box 

They once may have been superstores, category killers, or simply the biggest new store for miles around. But now they’re just empty. In the frenzy of building more and bigger big box stores during the last five years, many people

Tales from the Trenches 

It's inevitable that whenever you get a roomful of brokers together, you'll hear a variety of war stories from the trenches. One may be the story of a broker racing the clock to pull off a deal, another could be

That's Entertainment! 

Donald Eaton, CCIM, CPM, entertains clients in a bucolic setting — on his boat on a New Hampshire lake. Eaton, vice president of Eaton Partners in Manchester, N.H., takes groups of five or six on his 24 foot boat several

You Oughta Be in Pictures 

It was a common complaint among moviegoers in the '70s and '80s They just don't make 'em like they used to. Movie theaters, that is not the movies (that's a whole other argument). The opulent, luxurious movie palaces of the

From Concept to Reality 

The long term goals of public private real estate partnerships can be noble better downtowns, more livable communities, and a broadened tax base. In addition, these ventures often provide civic minded commercial real estate professionals with opportunities to get in

The Road to Success 

The rocky economy presents many bumps in the road for commercial real estate professionals mapping their future paths. Other obstacles block the view of what tomorrow's workplace will require. For example, how will you deal with a new breed of

Small Cities Mix It Up 

A convergence of factors has propelled mixed use developments into the commercial real estate spotlight in recent years. Rising land prices and the desire to rein in sprawl have made greater density more attractive. Higher gas prices have increased the

Shopping Goes Green 

The U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program has a category for retail projects, but right now it’s a small percentage of total LEED certified buildings. However, in April, the USGBC launched pilots for both new

What Drives TOD? 

Americans may have a love affair with their cars, but their relationship isn't as sweet as it once was. Rising fuel prices, frustrating traffic congestion, and exhausting commutes make the idea of walking to work sound pretty good. Add to

Pot of Gold? 

The $1.4 billion legal cannabis industry packs promise for commercial real estate pros. CRE professionals who have worked in the cannabis field agree on one strong point: It’s essential to be well-versed in both state and municipal laws and ordinances governing the business, because they are the primary tools for regulating where and how businesses can operate.

How Social Are You? 

“Almost 90 percent of my clients use social media,” says John Orr, CCIM, vice president of Colliers Retail Services Group in Charleston, S.C. “If your clients all use telephones to communicate and you use a pigeon to carry letters, are

Independents’ Day 

Small size matters, so does flexibility, agility, and personalized service. It isn't just wanting to be your own boss - although that's part of it. And it isn't just the wish to break free of a big, bureaucratic reporting structure - although that's part of it, too. And it isn't just wanting to keep more of w