Going Once...Going Twice...Sold! 

Commercial real estate brokers and auctioneers long have considered themselves rivals for the same prize each group believes the other wants to steal potential clients from their grasp. The rivalry has abated in recent years, but it definitely has not

CBDs Sizzle 

Thriving. Hot. Exciting. Dynamic. Charged. These are the kinds of words that real estate brokers and analysts are using to describe today’s central business district office markets. While brokers overwhelmingly term their own market as very strong, those with an

Call Now 

Despite the annoyance of having dinner interrupted by overeager telemarketers selling insurance or phone service, Americans have responded to phone sales in a big way. Nearly 100 million people purchase goods or services over the telephone each year, according to

Suburban Office High 

Where will you find the highest office rents in the nation? Manhattan? Washington, D.C.? Try Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto and Menlo Park, California, where tenants are paying $70 per square foot (psf) for class A space, according to

Taking Marketing to the Next Level 

As any public relations expert will tell you, visibility is the name of the game in marketing. In the words of Stephen Tyrrell, CCIM, an investment specialist with Grubb & Ellis Company in Sacramento, California, "The more visible you become,