Everything Old Is New Again 

Modern commercial real estate abounds with restrictive development guidelines such as land use policies and urban growth boundaries intended to protect farmland and open space while encouraging economic growth in inner cities. However, these policies limit the amount of new

Choosing a New Path 

After almost 30 years as an independent broker, B.K. Allen, CCIM, GRI, owner of B.K. Allen Real Estate in Reston, Va., decided to affiliate with a national commercial real estate company. “I was doing more administrative work than interacting with

In a Class of Their Own 

The class B and C office market should be reaping the benefits of today's uncertain economy, as tenants flee class A properties in search of lower rents. However, first quarter 2001 statistics suggest otherwise. According to Torto Wheaton Research, demand

Where the People Are 

At the beginning of each decade, the U.S. Census Bureau makes commercial real estate professionals' lives a little bit easier by disseminating the data collected in its decennial census. Brokers and developers can use information gleaned from this comprehensive survey


In a country where most kids learn the names of sports stars before the name of the president, it is no wonder that cities across the United States place so much emphasis on building stadiums to house their local teams

Big Ideas for Small Offices 

In an age dominated by large corporations, mergers, and acquisitions, owning a small commercial real estate business could be likened to a minnow swimming in a sea of sharks. Gaining market share and retaining clients seem daunting, if not impossible,