Depreciation Correction Catch-Up Offers Significant Deductions 

In certain situations, a taxpayer may be able to file amended returns and benefit from tax recovery plus interest. Under a blanket consent provided by Rev. Proc. 96 31, 1996 20 IRB 11, taxpayers now can correct certain erroneous depreciation

Accounting for Tenant Improvements 

Under the Tax Reform Act of 1986, landlords who incurred leasehold improvements were required to depreciate them over 39 years. Tenants who made leasehold improvements followed the same amortization schedule. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ruled that this treatment was

Studying the Tax Law Changes Is Not for the Weak at Heart 

The Clinton administration's 1997 budget package includes many provisions that were included in the administration's previous proposals however, there are some new ideas. Though it is difficult to predict how the legislative process will ultimately end, there are two key