2001 Outlook: The View From the Top 

In the current, comfortable economic climate, it may be helpful to step out of line to consider the outlook for 2001 and beyond. Despite claims of a “new economy,” some of the most basic rules haven't changed at all supply

Is This Normalcy? 

If there were any question in the minds of the public about the return of investor interest to the commercial property realm, the data compiled for the first two issues of the new CCIM Landauer Investment Trends Quarterly should surely

A Mixed Bag 

Since mid 1997, the transition to a new world economic order has been neither smooth nor painless. The question moving into 1999 is whether the shift can continue without significant disruptions to the U.S. domestic economy. The answer will chart

Returning to the Ring 

In their search for answers about the economy, commercial real estate professionals should consider the career of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The brash young fighter swaggered to the heavyweight title in the 1960s, dazzling opponents with his speed and power.

The Sun Shines Brightly in 1997 

The current economic environment is one of distinct but moderate improvement 2 percent real growth in gross domestic product (GDP) in most quarterly measurements, punctuated about once a year by a 5 percent surge. In response, the Federal Reserve Board

The Year Ahead 

Navigating the treacherous real estate markets of the first half of this decade required an intense concentration on immediate pitfalls and hazards. Short range vision had to be acute for many, the survival of entire enterprises was at stake. As

Waiting for a Winning Hand 

The 21st century's opening years have proved fairly risky for most investors. Those who rode the 1990s' rising economy and bull market found the odds suddenly shifting against them after spring 2000. For the most part, investors experienced a substantial

Maintaining the Balance 

The U.S. economy is walking a tightrope. While the recession that officially began in March 2001 has not yet ended, gross domestic product the broadest measure of the economy's output has been expanding since the beginning of 2002. Yet as

High-Rising Markets 

For commercial real estate, the penetration of national and international influences into local markets has become pervasive to a degree unimagined a generation ago. From hotels catering to worldwide tourism to office towers housing foreign banks, from the manufacturing plants

Good Times Roll On 

In recent memory, no number has captured more public attention than "2000." Technically, the millennium will shift as the year 2001 is ushered in, but there is no holding back the popular appeal of the calendar rolling to a string