Financial Instability 

As 2007 drew to a close, the investment environment transitioned from cautious optimism to a heightened level of realization that there was a global credit crisis brewing in the financial markets. Hidden behind the financially engineered products that drove much

Crossing the Divide 

Listen to this article's follow up podcast. We have journeyed many roads over the last few quarters, taken part in many diversions, and had many ups and downs (mostly downs). Now on the cusp of 2009, we find ourselves standing

Changing Conditions 

The U.S. economy, while remaining relatively strong, is facing greater challenges than it has seen in more than two decades. Volatile energy prices, a slowing housing market, consumer spending shifts, geopolitical risks, natural disaster recovery costs, inflation, and increasing interest

When the Going Gets Tough(1) 

Commercial real estate has had it good for the past five years and extremely good for the past two years relative to stocks, bonds, and money markets. But performance marked by over the top returns was bound to catch up

2012 Expectations and Realities 

“Relatively stable” sounds pretty good these days, and commercial real estate’s back to basics investment approach is why, for generations, individuals, institutions, and funds have invested in this asset class. There are few opportunities that involve little risk, but commercial