Hungry For Returns 

As investors dealt with so much fiscal uncertainty in 2013 — the budget deficit, potential tax increases, raising of the debt ceiling, and higher health insurance premiums associated with the Affordable Care Act just to name a few — it

Shelter From the Storm 

Editor's note You can view the tables in the e book version of this article. Now that we are several years past the credit crisis of 2008, the world is still in turmoil. The European debt crisis and unrest in

Through the Looking Glass 

As Americans struggle with the realities of a new normal — including slow economic growth, a $16 trillion debt load that has prompted new warnings by the major credit rating agencies, volatility throughout the world, and waning job growth —

2011 Forecast 

Working through these unprecedented times has generated a search for new terms. Although Real Estate Research Corp. noted the commercial real estate market’s bifurcation in 2010, this new year brings further division in the economy and the commercial real estate

2011 Forecast Preview 

The Economy While still struggling, the economy has some good associated with it, including positive growth, low interest rates, and increasing private sector employment growth. Unfortunately, much is still quite bad, including the weakness in the residential real estate market,

Multifamily Still Rules 

Multifamily and industrial top Real Estate Research Corp.’s outlook for the major property types for the rest of 2011. The apartment market will continue to present low risk compared to the other property types, given its strong fundamentals and the

Press Pause 

Although commercial real estate reached unexpected heights in 2006 and continued its solid performance in the first half of 2007, the remainder of the year may very well be the time for investors to pause, take a few breaths, and

The Risk Factor 

Just a few short months ago the recovery seemed to be finally taking hold. Gross domestic product growth was increasing, job growth was strengthening, retail sales were starting to pick up, and the stock market — including real estate stocks

The Road to Recovery 

At this juncture, it is clear that some commercial real estate investors are farther down the road to recovery than others. Institutional investors are up against the same roadblocks affecting regional property investors, but the large institutions already have worked