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CCIM Institute believes in equipping the next generation of commercial real estate professionals with practical skills and tools to best serve their clients and build their own careers. Learn more about our programs.
HP Expertise 


AD: AI Raise 

The Comprehensive Exam 

The Portfolio of Qualifying Experience is a standardized means for candidates to verify the quality of their work as commercial investment professionals and to document having achieved at least the minimum level of experiences required to qualify for the CCIM

Adapting CRE to COVID-19 

Considering the volatility across CRE sectors, adaptive reuse holds promise for repurposing shuttered businesses, despite some common roadblocks.

CCIMs’ Biggest Deals of 2020 

In a topsy-turvy year, these deal-makers share keys to polishing off the largest transactions of 2020.

Surviving Retail in Troubled Times 

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated and accelerated already challenging circumstances for shopping malls and their owners, but there may be other options for these beleaguered assets.

CCIM Deal Makers 

Check out the biggest CCIM deals and deal makers in retail, office, multifamily, financing, hospitality, industrial, and land.

Commercial Real Estate Redefining Office Demand Models for Office Space 

Posted on Oct. 25, 2021 | CCIM Institute recently released its latest special report entitled, “Office CRE: The Rest of the Story is Still Being Written,” which provides an in-depth look at the drivers of this change, and the new benchmarks and best practices for predicting the growth in this area of CRE. 

Supply Unchained: Codependent Infrastructure and Last-Mile Logistics Critical to Economic Growth 

Posted on June 22, 2021 | CCIM Institute and its Chief Economist K.C. Conway recently released a special report entitled “Last-Mile Logistics: Commercial Real Estate’s Growth Engine,” that illustrates how logistics infrastructure is driving the where and why for site selection across property types, advancing job growth and the economy in the U.S.

Lessons for the Future 

Student housing faced a difficult start to the 2020-2021 academic year, but the sector has proven resilient as COVID-19 continues to sow uncertainty. 

Market Trends 

Office Sector Sees Rents, Vacancies Rise | Cannabis Proves Popular Candidate in 2020 Election | Grocers' Growth Could Plateau in Next Decade | Lodging CMBS Deliquencies Decline After Painful Summer | Multifamily Absorption Rebounds After 1st Covid Wave | Younger Generations More Open to Work-Shop-Play Living Spaces | Cold Storage May Prove Crucial in COVID Vaccine | Boat Buyers in Market for Storage Spaces

3 Tax-Specific Paths to Liquidity for Real Estate Investors 

The 2020 CARES Act, passed amid the initial outbreak of COVID-19, opens doors for real estate investors.

Ahead of the Curve 

The new year has finally arrived – one that is full of possibilities and opportunities. While most were eager to put 2020 behind them, last year reminded us all of the resiliency, the adaptability, and the strength of the industry and the global commercial real estate community.

Still the Darling of CRE? 

Moody's Analytics Reis Chief Economist Victor Calanog, Phd, CRE, discusses potential problems ahead for the multifamily sector.

New Year, New Approach to Budgets 

Considering the volatility and uncertainty of 2020, budgeting for the new year will require more than business as usual.

CCIM Candidate Spotlight: Michael Salik 

CCIM Candidate Michael Salik speaks with Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine about his path that led him from the U.S. Navy to a successful career in commercial real estate.

Worldview: Canada 

The new year is looking up for the Canadian commercial real estate market, with a 14.6 percent quarter-over-quarter increase in 3Q2020.

Waiting to See 

COVID-19 was the black swan event nobody could have predicted, so prepare for 2021 by understanding what you don’t know.

The View from Abroad 

Maggie Coleman, managing partner with BFIN, where she leads the Private Capital Authority real estate platform, discusses how the U.S. economy, battered by COVID-19, is still the gold standard when it comes to stability — something that is important to foreign capital in need of safe harbor.

Seeing Green 

Adoption of wind and solar energy in commercial real estate is booming, but renewables still have a long road ahead.

Deep-Rooted Demand 

Doug Phillips, partner and REALTOR® with Schuil & Associates Real Estate, a firm that specializes in the agricultural land sector, talks about how the agriculture real estate market remained relatively steady amid 2020’s chaos.

Consulting Those in the Know 

One prominent commercial real estate veteran aims to leverage Site To Do Business and other analytical tools to help the small investor make big gains.

CCIM Institute Announces 2022 Executive Management Team 

Posted on Oct. 22, 2021 | CCIM Institute, one of the largest commercial real estate networks in the world with chapters in more than 30 global markets, announced its 2022 board of directors at the organization's Annual Governance Meeting, held Oct. 7-11 in Pittsburgh. 

Preparing for the Real World 

2021 CCIM Institute President Timothy S. Blair, CCIM, discusses his big plans for the year ahead.