Slowing Ahead 

Development and leasing activity have slowed thanks to stock market volatility, rising interest rates, the waning effects of tax cuts, rising wages, a labor supply shortage, cooling job growth, softening housing markets, an inverted yield curve, and fatigue after a nearly record-setting period of economic expansion.

Choosing Wisely 

Economic factors and technological advancements are reshaping the site selection, construction and rental of warehouses. Consumer demands and sociopolitical factors are also influencing supply chains and logistics real estate.

Short-Term Rentals for the Long Haul 

Investors in the multifamily sector are examining properties designed for shorter leases and higher turnover.

Secondary Markets Are Becoming First-Choice Investments 

Recently, investors have placed more bets in secondary markets and, perhaps more surprisingly, in suburban properties in those markets.

Preparing for a Cooling Economy 

Leverage your real estate portfolio for an eventual downturn in the market and economy.